Planning: Your Wedding Circle

It is VERY… let me stress VERY important to keep your bridal circle limited to ONLY those that are truly happy for you. Imagine, on your wedding day your Maid of Honor is fussing with you because you are taking too long and she has things to do. Imagine NO ONE is saying “ WOW… you look beautiful”.  Imagine NO ONE is helping you zip up your gown but instead they look at you and say “well, what do you want me to do”. Imagine, NO ONE is lighting your cigar… while everyone in the room is taking selfies with YOUR STASH. Imagine, your glass is empty and everyone has their thirst quenched… just imagine.  

Brides & Grooms: Every friend is NOT your friend. And while you want everyone to be insanely happy for you some people are just not… and that is okay. But tell you what, don’t surround yourself with them in life and least of all on your wedding day. That is the one day you should be placed high on the pedestal and treated like the king/queen you are (DISCLAIMER: this is NOT in invitation to be a “—–“ zilla (fill in the blank)), but this is also not the time to be reminded of how jealous or miserable someone else is. Keep your circle limited and full of positive people that ONLY wish you well.  Even if that means cutting out some folks that will not be happy to be cut out (family included).

You deserve the moment to shine…TAKE IT 


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