Planning: Let the Bride and Groom Live!

I am sure in one of my previous blog posts I have discussed this before but during a conversation with a friend this morning I realized it is worth bringing it up again. 

 This is a friendly message to the bridal party:

  • It is NOT your wedding. I repeat.  IT IS NOT YOUR WEDDING. Therefore, if your bride and groom want to select navy blue for the bridal party to wear but blue is NOT your favorite color…who cares, IT IS NOT YOUR WEDDING
  • If your bride decides that she would like her bridesmaids to have nude nail polish but you are really into the neon right now…who cares,  IT IS NOT YOUR WEDDING
  • If the groom decides he wants all the fellas in argyle socks for a cool sock shot but you are more of a silk taupe sock kinda guy…who cares, IT IS NOT YOUR WEDDING
  • If you think the bride couple should have a cigar bar because you think it is cool but the couple is against it because they are not smokers…who cares, IT IS NOT YOUR WEDDING

 …You catch my drift.

 Time and time again I hear stores and witness bridesmaids and groomsmen interjecting their personal feelings, wishes and beliefs on a couple’s wedding. The poor couple, trying to be nice and avoid being labeled a ‘zilla says nothing but inside it is driving them crazy.

 Are you really in it to celebrate the couple or are you in it for you? If you are in it for the couple then the above shouldn’t apply. If are in it for you…you should just be a guest.   

 And to my couples, you know your friends/family. Who they are out of your wedding is who they will be in your wedding. Be selective and choose wisely.

 Happy Marrying

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