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Planning: An Amenity for the Rest of the Room

Have you considered providing your guests with a amenity basket for ladies and men’s Restroom?  In case this is on your agenda, here are some items to consider for it:

Courtesy of BizBash


  • Pretty scented one for the ladies room & a more manly type for the men’s room
  • Skin softening type of lotion
  • Antibacterial Gel
  • Gum
  • TIc Tac
  • Peppermint
  • Nail file
  • Nail cutter
  • Clear nail polish ( can double to fix those nasty pantyhose runs)
  • Kleenex Tissues
  • Hair Pins
  • Lint Brush
  • Safety Pins
  • Body Spray (Male & Female)
  • Hair spray/Gel


  • Sewing kit
  • Condoms (we are all adults right)
  • Tampons / Panty liners / Pads
  • Dental Floss
  • GasX / Antacids / Aspirin 
  • Candles
  • Shout Wipes
What’s important to remember is do not go overboard to buying every little thing you kinda sorta maybe think you need. This is an additional expense and you have to consider your budget when planning this amenity. Keep it simple, and shop from your local drug store mini bins to get most of these items. And for your pretty smelling things, I’d try Bath and Body Works, there is always a sale, always a special and always a coupon. To take it up a notch, try personalizing your packaging with custom labels or wrapping items with a fabric or paper that compliments your event decor.
So, is this something that you are considering for your event?

Planning: From 10 to 100…These Are My Confessions

CONGRATULATIONS to meeeeeee on my 100th post!!!! My little fledgling blog has reached a milestone (in my eyes). I rejoice because when I started my blog I wasn’t sure how I was going to get through 10 posts let alone 100. And now here I am choc full o’many more posts to come.

So to commemorate my milestone (again in my eyes) I decided to provide you with some fun-facts & information about me that you may or may not have known.

1. My first name is Camille; not June

2. I was born in Jamaica WI, and currently live in Brooklyn, NY (big-up Brooklyn)

3. I love the color Chartreuse

4. I love reggae (go figure) and Soca music

5. I love roller coasters but would have to think twice about going back on Kingda Ka at Six Flags Great Adventures in NJ

6. I have a very loud and close family and I LOVE IT!!!

7. I believe a kiss IS worth a thousand words

8. My favorite cartoon movie is Mulan (She was a powerful stubborn chick)

9. I am an April born Taurus, and yes I can be very stubborn

10. Love Mac make-up (chestnut lip liner and Viva Glam V lipglass is essential)

11. I love sparkle

12. Color makes me happy

13. I am a better baker than I am cooker

14. I can finish a pack of gum in a day, more like a couple hours

15. I am not afraid to get my hands dirty

16. I like my steak well done. Please don’t try to sell me on medium well

17. I was a high school basketball cheerleader (and still have allot of rah rah rah in me)

18. A JunePlumm (or better yet juneplum) is one of my favorite fruits in JA. It is a chartreuse-y color. I decided to add the extra “m” because my last name is Plummer and I wanted it to be a bit more personal.

19. I decided to start my business because 1) I grew tired of hearing my friends, family, co-workers and colleagues tell me I should . 2) I was tired of attending weddings and looking at all the details and re-working it in my head. 3) I was a bridal attendant and the contracted wedding planner was horrible (yeah I said it). I actually had to step in and manage some of her responsibilities so my friend would still have an opportunity to enjoy her wedding.

20. I love the look of excitement on the face of a happy client (it’s why JunePlumm Events exists)

21. My favorite part of a wedding is during the ceremony when the groom extends his hand to the bride to help her to her position right next to him at the alter. There is something very chivalrous about it to me.

22. I love orchids. Cybidiums and phalaenopsis are my faves

23. I love pasta

24. I always question if I am good enough to make it this business but trust in the Lord to see me through all of my fears

25. I am not afraid to laugh out loud.

Hopefully you know me a little better today than you did yesterday and are still interested in seeing what tomorrow brings through the eyes of Camille Plummer of JunePlumm Events. I continue to feel blessed that you choose to take this journey with me.

See you over at blog post 101.

Planning: WELCOME JunePlumm Events!!!

I have been creating, planning and organizing for many many years now. At first I thought it was just something I did to help a friend in need. But soon it became an obsession. Not a stalk you kill you obsession. A well coordinated event whose planning stages should run as smoothly as the main event…obsession. If there is such a thing.

I had to be involved in everything. I would go to the supply store and obsess over whether I should use square plates or round plates. I had to make a spreadsheet, task list and a timeline just to plan an outing to the mall. Needless to say some of my friends thought I was crazy, but most knew me better than I knew myself and understood that I was just doing what makes me happy…PLANNING and COORDINATING. I think my boss said it best when she said, “Camille if you aren’t planning something, your not happy“.

FINALLY, after listening to my friends and colleagues and struggling with fear of not being good enough, I decided to do it. But as only I do it, I couldn’t just go forth and plan without having all my ducks firmly place in a well-coordinated row. I had to write a business plan, pick a name, register, logo, blog, etc…. and so A Little Bit A’ This was born.

Fast forward a few months, while evaluating my next moves into entrepreneurship, I felt my foundation was in need of tweaking. I was happy with my name but not quite satisfied. And before I go forth and brand…I need to make sure the house was in order. So here we are reinventing the wheel and bringing you;

An event planning company catering to the individual or couple looking to revel in the moment
but not in the details.

NOW! I am satisfied. I hope you will be too.

While we continue to finalize our full transition, you will still have access to this blog via: (temporarily) as well as our new blog address: (recommend).

Stay tuned for more…

Planning: A Little Bit A’…Who?

How did I get here, to be honest I am not sure but I am here and armed with waterproof mascara, ribbons and double-stick tape.

I guess I have been creative all my life. I would always watch my mom prepare for dinner parties and wonder why she felt it is necessary to put iceberg lettuce leaves around the bowl in which she would later put the coleslaw. “But mom”, I would say, “why bother put the lettuce leaf in there if we are NOT going to eat it”? Presentation my dear, It is all in the details and the presentation. Fast forward a few, well maybe a couple a few years and here I am…all about the details, all about the presentation, all about a little bit a’ this.

So, after a few years of planning office parties, weddings and showers along the way I finally decided to launch my own company, A Little Bit A’ This. An event planning company that believes, no matter the event, it should be your day, your style, your way and it is my pleasure to be a part of it.

So sit tight and sneak a peak into the life of…well ME. An event planner that loves to share my thoughts, my loves and things that I stumble upon along the way.

It will be an awesome journey, one that I hope you too will enjoy.