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Parties: A Bollywood Destination Wedding In Jamaica

As a planner you often get lost in the hustle of the wedding day that you often miss some of the most important parts of the wedding.

  • The look on the brides face as the door to the chapel opens.
  • The smile on the littlest faces when they see a real life princess. 
  • The guests speculating on the style of the gown “she” is wearing. “I hear it’s a long slinky sexy gown with small details making it very very chic…you know that is her style”. “Well knowing her she is in a huge ballgown with bling EVERYWHERE”
  • The groom strut and high five all his “boys” when he gets his time to shine. 
  • The guests as they shift and squirm in their seat anxiously waiting and asking “is she here yet, is she hear yet?

So lucky me I had the opportunity to witness all the beauty and the excitement as a guest of a Bollywood style wedding in Ocho Rios Jamaica (Ochie for us yardies). Take a look at all the beauty that exudes from this Caribbean Destination Wedding of Trinidad’s own Candace + Jules #KissoonAndSushmita #RealUnityJamaica:

Her embroidered lace Maggie Sottero gown was GORG!!!!
Like a true Roman

The Bridesmaids dresses were the perfect accent.

Check dem nuh!
Custom logo seen on the flag, the dance floor and the glasses in the bar…LOVE

Colorful, Vibrant, Festive
Symbol of strength
The detailing on the cake was a perfect compliment

The View
The ceremony took place at Our Lady of Fatima Roman Catholic Church in Ochie while the reception was held at the Golden Cove Resort in Boscobel. I loved that the couple was not shy on showcasing their own culture complimented by the islands culture throughout the entire evening. Tassa band from Clarendon, Jamaica, Bollywood attire  in every brite and vibrant hue in the rainbow (I would show you mine but ahhhm..let’s just say NO), pan chicken, reggae, soca and a little bit of everything else to get guests moving on the custom dancefloor.  But the absolute highlight of the evening was taking in the love shared intimately between these two; Candace the Candy Coated Cutie and Jules The Roman, along with their closest family and friends. It was a memorable occasion and I am glad I was able to witness it…as a guest:) 

Professional Photography by Adrian McDonald

Parties: La Wedding Nouba

Every year I spend about 7-10 days with my girlfriends in Trinidad for Carnival. I love everything that is Trinidad Carnival. The music, the vibes, the costumes, the euphoric feeling of having not a care in the world. For only but a moment there is nothing to put a frown on your face because you are too busy having the time of your life with the best people in the world…FRIENDS.

This year I played Mas (masquerade) with YUMA (Young Upwardly Mobile Adults). The theme this year was Cirque and I had the pleasure of wearing the La Nouba costume. After every carnival I like to take my costumes and merge it with my other love…Weddings.

Aaaaaaaaaand…VOILA’! Here is my interpretation of La Nouba…wedding style.

This costume merged my love of bright colors and black and white stripes so it really was a no brainer on which costume I would choose for the 2014 season. This has easily been one of my top 3 costumes, and there are many so this deserves honorable mention. I can’t wait to see what bands bring for 2015. The excitement has set in already!

So what do you think, could you have a La Nouba Wedding? I TOTALLY would!


Parties: Team Tadjerie…Love on The Mainline

This was no ordinary Saturday in July. This particular Saturday… July 28, 2012 (yes I’m a bit late) was the day that Tadj Cazaubon & Valerie Delgado was set to exchange vows in a garden ceremony followed by a cocktail hour and semi-formal reception. Well, mother nature had other plans so we had to move our outdoor wedding indoors. But that did NOT damper any of the days activities. There were tears, smiles, jitters, laughs, LOVE, wardrobe malfunctions, dancing and a never ending parade of a whole lot of fun.

Val andTadj, (Team Tadjerie), spent a little over a year working very closely with me to design the perfect wedding for them. He from St. Lucia , her from Trinidad, both wanting to make sure the wedding was a true reflection of him – cool as ice, her – hot like fire, him – old school reggae, her – fast paced soca and dancehall. Together we developed a fun event that showcased their love for each other and their desire to have a darn good time!

Take a look at how far they have come since “Love on the Mainline“:

That floor decal was a hit. THANKS Ten23 Designs
Nicole from Creative Creations Unltd made these average shoes OUTSTANDING

(The dance floor stayed full from the moment the DJ said “let’s get this party started. Oh and that’s the JunePlumm crew in the front getting the dancefloor warmed up)

Rockstar Crew on Team Tadjerie’s Wedding:
Event Planner: JunePlumm Events 
– special mention to Renee, Nikki, Bev and Nicole. You guys were AWESOME!
MC: Jeff Samerson
DJ: Funky Fat Boy
Hairstylist: Nikki Essence
Stationary: Etsy: StudioG Designs
Details: Ten23 Designs (Decals)

More pictures of this wedding our JunePlumm Events Page

Planning: The Striped Effect

My latest obsession = BOLD Black and white stripes.

What do I love about it?

  1. It’s VERY eye catching
  2. You can add any color with it and it accents it VERY well
  3. A little bit of stripes goes a long way and still makes an impact
  4. It’s magic… put it on (an object) and immediately adds length and width  (not always a positive when it comes to horizontal striped clothing though)
  5. Did I mention it is VERY eye catching

So what do you think? Too much for you or right up your alley? I will admit… it’s ALLOT, and not for the faint at heart. But as I mentioned before, if you love bold stripes but your not ready to fully commit, see #3 above: “a little bit of stripes goes a long way”.  If you feel like it might be for you, here are some ways to consider infusing this awesomely amazingly beautiful design into your wedding, for the Bold AND the Bashful

  • Bold: Use a striped table cover… Bashful: Use a solid color table cover with a black and white striped linen runner
  • Bold: Wear a broad striped belt with a striped ribbon flower fascinator…Bashful: Wrap your bouquet with striped ribbon
  • Bold: Drape the ceiling of your reception tent with black and white fabric…Bashful: Use a striped dinner napkin and let it hang over the side of the table but under your charger
  • Bold: Add stripes to your outdoor ceremony by alternating black and white lawn or chiavari chairs…Bashful: Have your stationary designer add a subtle stripe to the ceremony program and leave one on alternating chairs
  • Bold: Striped bow or neck ties…Bashful: Striped cuff links
  • Bold: Striped flower girl dress (solid on the top and striped from the waist down)…Bashful: Striped ponytail ribbon 

It’s your wedding, do it how you want to. Either stand waaaaay out or stand out a little, but whatever you do…STAND OUT!

SO…are you Bold or Cautious?

Planning: What We are Pinning

Are you Pinning? I am…Take a look at some of JunePlumm Event’s favorite pins for the week:

Gowns board

Gowns board

Favors board

Bouquet board

Yummies board

Gowns board

Bouquets board

Decor board

Decor board

What are you pinning?

Pretty Little Things: I Now Pronounce You Mr. & Mrs…

Your wedding day is fast approaching and isn’t it cute to celebrate going from Mr. & Ms to Mr. & Mrs. than to personalize little details showcasing that you have now crossed over into Mrs.’dom.

Here are a few ways that YOU you can strut your Mr. & Mrs. stuff (before and after the wedding):

Note cards


Towel set
Ring Bowl

Shoe Decals

Forks (one of my faves)
Swarovski Crytstal Signs

What’s your pick?

*all photos courtesy of Etsy*

Down De Isle: Caribbean Wedding Music – 1, 2, 3, 4…Palaance

This next tune is PERFECT to get your party started. If you don’t know this song…WHERE HAVE YOU BEEN. In the Soca world this song is boss. Now many of us/you are probably tired of hearing it but come on…admit it, when you hear it you can’t help but to jump and put your hands up. This is easily the new “Who let the dogs out” and the new “Electric Slide”.

If you have no idea what I am talking about, take a listen and a look:

Oh, and did I mention there is a dance (every good wedding song has to have one):

One of the factors into making a Caribbean wedding A Caribbean wedding is the energy. And this song will certainly bring it out of you and your guests. Palance and enjoy!

Planning: Let’s get this Party Started!

Are you Team (Wedding) Band or Team (Wedding) DJ?

Based on the response from my JunePlumm Event’s fan page, Team Band is certainly getting more love. So let’s take a moment to examine both options:

Team Band Pro’s:

  • The excitement of the live music
  • Bands/Band leaders are very interactive with guests and can get everyone involved in the performance. Sing-alongs , getting in the mix with the guests… they can certainly get it started.
  • The sound quality… VERY sharp
  • A live singer can take your favorite tune and change the tempo and feel to be more suitable to your event / style
  • Are you having a 60’s style wedding? There is a band for that! 

Team Band Con’s

  • We mentioned the sound quality as a pro.. but the sound volume can definitely be a con. 
  • Cost: you will find some of the better bands come at a price. Most wedding bands start at $2,000 – $3,000+ for a 4-piece band and goes up from there. Remember popularity, size and geographical region will seriously impact your cost.
  • Wedding Bands have more than one member. So you will have to account for the space to accommodate all the members and equipment and for meals (remember your vendors need to eat)
  • Band members need breaks, and unless they take breaks in stages. Be prepared for a cd or recording of some sort
  • Request are a hit or miss. If they do not know the tune, you will not hear it (so get your song list ready for your band in advance)
Team DJ Pro’s:
  • If your favorite song is “Single Ladies” by Beyonce, then you will hear “Single Ladies” BY Beyonce
  • The cost, a good Wedding DJ can cost anywhere for $600 to $1,400+ depending on choice of package and perks
  • Wedding DJ’s occupy less space than a Wedding band
  • The arsenal of music is far greater than that of a band
  • Because DJ’s tend to travel in packs (sometimes 2) breaks will not be as broken as with a band
  • DJ’s can read the crowd and quickly change pace and tempo to get people on or off their feet
Team DJ Con’s:
  • For goodness sake, make sure your Wedding DJ dresses like a professional and not like he or she is going to the laundry mat (believe me I have seen things)
  • DJ’s can have a one track mind. If they like to play rock music, no matter how much the crowd is not into rock music…they will play ROCK MUSIC. 
  • There is nothing worse than a DJ with no energy and umph…NOTHING. Choose wisely
There is no fool proof, quick fix, one perfect answer in what YOU should choose for YOUR wedding day. It’s your wedding so you make the rules BUT before you choose ask yourself this:
  • What is your entertainment budget?
  • Do you prefer clubs or the symphony?
  • What is the formality of your event?
  • How much (venue) space are you working with?
  • Did I mention what’s your budget (yeah…well in case you missed it I am asking again)
and remember: If they see you dance…THEY will dance so HAVE FUN!

Down De Isle: Who Let The Dogs Out – Caribbean Wedding Music

In keeping with our Down Di Aisle series in which we feature Caribbean inspired wedding and event information and details, we will be putting you on a to some tunes that you can play at your event to get your party started, keep the party going, get you down de aisle or just enhance the wedding mood.

Today we are sharing with you this song:

Who Let The Dogs Out“. I am sure you all have heard it and seen the video. BUT did you know that it before the Baha Men made this song popular it was originally a soca song co-written and recorded by Anslem Douglas.

Take a listen:

This is a GREAT song to keep your party going. Especially since it has so much cross over appeal, your Caribbean and Non-Caribbean guests will know exactly what to do. Get up, dance…and don’t forget bark.

NOTE: For you brides/grooms that love your pups and are including them in the wedding, why not preface their little strut down de aisle with Who Let The Dogs Out. *wink*