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Parties: A Bollywood Destination Wedding In Jamaica

As a planner you often get lost in the hustle of the wedding day that you often miss some of the most important parts of the wedding.

  • The look on the brides face as the door to the chapel opens.
  • The smile on the littlest faces when they see a real life princess. 
  • The guests speculating on the style of the gown “she” is wearing. “I hear it’s a long slinky sexy gown with small details making it very very chic…you know that is her style”. “Well knowing her she is in a huge ballgown with bling EVERYWHERE”
  • The groom strut and high five all his “boys” when he gets his time to shine. 
  • The guests as they shift and squirm in their seat anxiously waiting and asking “is she here yet, is she hear yet?

So lucky me I had the opportunity to witness all the beauty and the excitement as a guest of a Bollywood style wedding in Ocho Rios Jamaica (Ochie for us yardies). Take a look at all the beauty that exudes from this Caribbean Destination Wedding of Trinidad’s own Candace + Jules #KissoonAndSushmita #RealUnityJamaica:

Her embroidered lace Maggie Sottero gown was GORG!!!!
Like a true Roman

The Bridesmaids dresses were the perfect accent.

Check dem nuh!
Custom logo seen on the flag, the dance floor and the glasses in the bar…LOVE

Colorful, Vibrant, Festive
Symbol of strength
The detailing on the cake was a perfect compliment

The View
The ceremony took place at Our Lady of Fatima Roman Catholic Church in Ochie while the reception was held at the Golden Cove Resort in Boscobel. I loved that the couple was not shy on showcasing their own culture complimented by the islands culture throughout the entire evening. Tassa band from Clarendon, Jamaica, Bollywood attire  in every brite and vibrant hue in the rainbow (I would show you mine but ahhhm..let’s just say NO), pan chicken, reggae, soca and a little bit of everything else to get guests moving on the custom dancefloor.  But the absolute highlight of the evening was taking in the love shared intimately between these two; Candace the Candy Coated Cutie and Jules The Roman, along with their closest family and friends. It was a memorable occasion and I am glad I was able to witness it…as a guest:) 

Professional Photography by Adrian McDonald

Planning: Let’s get this Party Started!

Are you Team (Wedding) Band or Team (Wedding) DJ?

Based on the response from my JunePlumm Event’s fan page, Team Band is certainly getting more love. So let’s take a moment to examine both options:

Team Band Pro’s:

  • The excitement of the live music
  • Bands/Band leaders are very interactive with guests and can get everyone involved in the performance. Sing-alongs , getting in the mix with the guests… they can certainly get it started.
  • The sound quality… VERY sharp
  • A live singer can take your favorite tune and change the tempo and feel to be more suitable to your event / style
  • Are you having a 60’s style wedding? There is a band for that! 

Team Band Con’s

  • We mentioned the sound quality as a pro.. but the sound volume can definitely be a con. 
  • Cost: you will find some of the better bands come at a price. Most wedding bands start at $2,000 – $3,000+ for a 4-piece band and goes up from there. Remember popularity, size and geographical region will seriously impact your cost.
  • Wedding Bands have more than one member. So you will have to account for the space to accommodate all the members and equipment and for meals (remember your vendors need to eat)
  • Band members need breaks, and unless they take breaks in stages. Be prepared for a cd or recording of some sort
  • Request are a hit or miss. If they do not know the tune, you will not hear it (so get your song list ready for your band in advance)
Team DJ Pro’s:
  • If your favorite song is “Single Ladies” by Beyonce, then you will hear “Single Ladies” BY Beyonce
  • The cost, a good Wedding DJ can cost anywhere for $600 to $1,400+ depending on choice of package and perks
  • Wedding DJ’s occupy less space than a Wedding band
  • The arsenal of music is far greater than that of a band
  • Because DJ’s tend to travel in packs (sometimes 2) breaks will not be as broken as with a band
  • DJ’s can read the crowd and quickly change pace and tempo to get people on or off their feet
Team DJ Con’s:
  • For goodness sake, make sure your Wedding DJ dresses like a professional and not like he or she is going to the laundry mat (believe me I have seen things)
  • DJ’s can have a one track mind. If they like to play rock music, no matter how much the crowd is not into rock music…they will play ROCK MUSIC. 
  • There is nothing worse than a DJ with no energy and umph…NOTHING. Choose wisely
There is no fool proof, quick fix, one perfect answer in what YOU should choose for YOUR wedding day. It’s your wedding so you make the rules BUT before you choose ask yourself this:
  • What is your entertainment budget?
  • Do you prefer clubs or the symphony?
  • What is the formality of your event?
  • How much (venue) space are you working with?
  • Did I mention what’s your budget (yeah…well in case you missed it I am asking again)
and remember: If they see you dance…THEY will dance so HAVE FUN!