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Planning: If the Pants Fit Wear’em

Can we talk here…

Once upon a time brides used to look the same…Stuffed and Fluffed. But as we continue to evolve designers take more and more risks. Now some of these risks should have been buried in the designing room trash can but overall I applaud the style, variations and new trends we are seeing.

One of my FAVORITE new trends are PANTS!!!!!! Yes…O-M-G pants…bridal pants. I’m a girly girl and love my dresses and would never miss the opportunity to walk down the aisle in a beautiful gown, but I know soooo many women that eat, sleep and breath pants. Ask them to put on a dress and it’s like you stole their man and ran off to Taiwan with him.  NOW those women have so many options: sheer, jacketed, dramatic, casual but all maintaining femininity. Just LOOK at some of the options:

* I am ALL over this! LOVE
Would you wear pants to your wedding?

Planning: The Striped Effect

My latest obsession = BOLD Black and white stripes.

What do I love about it?

  1. It’s VERY eye catching
  2. You can add any color with it and it accents it VERY well
  3. A little bit of stripes goes a long way and still makes an impact
  4. It’s magic… put it on (an object) and immediately adds length and width  (not always a positive when it comes to horizontal striped clothing though)
  5. Did I mention it is VERY eye catching

So what do you think? Too much for you or right up your alley? I will admit… it’s ALLOT, and not for the faint at heart. But as I mentioned before, if you love bold stripes but your not ready to fully commit, see #3 above: “a little bit of stripes goes a long way”.  If you feel like it might be for you, here are some ways to consider infusing this awesomely amazingly beautiful design into your wedding, for the Bold AND the Bashful

  • Bold: Use a striped table cover… Bashful: Use a solid color table cover with a black and white striped linen runner
  • Bold: Wear a broad striped belt with a striped ribbon flower fascinator…Bashful: Wrap your bouquet with striped ribbon
  • Bold: Drape the ceiling of your reception tent with black and white fabric…Bashful: Use a striped dinner napkin and let it hang over the side of the table but under your charger
  • Bold: Add stripes to your outdoor ceremony by alternating black and white lawn or chiavari chairs…Bashful: Have your stationary designer add a subtle stripe to the ceremony program and leave one on alternating chairs
  • Bold: Striped bow or neck ties…Bashful: Striped cuff links
  • Bold: Striped flower girl dress (solid on the top and striped from the waist down)…Bashful: Striped ponytail ribbon 

It’s your wedding, do it how you want to. Either stand waaaaay out or stand out a little, but whatever you do…STAND OUT!

SO…are you Bold or Cautious?

Pretty Little Things: I Now Pronounce You Mr. & Mrs…

Your wedding day is fast approaching and isn’t it cute to celebrate going from Mr. & Ms to Mr. & Mrs. than to personalize little details showcasing that you have now crossed over into Mrs.’dom.

Here are a few ways that YOU you can strut your Mr. & Mrs. stuff (before and after the wedding):

Note cards


Towel set
Ring Bowl

Shoe Decals

Forks (one of my faves)
Swarovski Crytstal Signs

What’s your pick?

*all photos courtesy of Etsy*

Planning: If the Sock Fits!

Your bridesmaids have been really good to you throughout your engagement. They have been supportive, they didn’t complain about wearing the same lime green taffeta dress with flower applique in every color in the rainbow (with a rainbow pin in their hair). They showed up on time to every rehearsal for your “Beat It” specialty dance routine. No one had a problem spending 200+ on matching shoes. Everyone shoes up to your 2 bridesmaids meeting per month. They dried your tears when you cried because the florist put pink roses instead of blush roses in the floral mock-up. Face it, they have been saints! And now you want to thank them but your not sure how.

Here are some ideas:

  • Jewelry: Do I even need to elaborate on why.
  • PJ’s: Cute ones of course,  with bridal party socks (it ups the cute factor)
  • Spa Gift Certificate: After 8+ months of being your personal b*t… ah mean “helper” don’t you think they deserve it
  • A Gift Certificate: To their favorite restaurant (even if that favorite restaurant is Red Lobster…where applicable)
  • A Clutch Purse: To hold their lipstick, cell phone and blot powder for the wedding day. Nothing big, just something small, cute and that can be used for multiple occasions.
  • A Kindle: such a great gift. And with some many colors, you might be able to find one with a coordinating color to your wedding.
  • Personalize MP3 Player. Personalize it with her name, “Best Bridesmaid” or the wedding date. Get creative with it
  • Personalized Stationary: And then write a personal “Thank YOU” note on the first sheet.
  • Her favorite “__________” (fill in the blank): I’m assuming, because you put her in your bridal party you know her. You know her likes, loves, and dislikes. So get her her favorite wine: if she’s a wine drinker, Magazine subscription: if she’s an avid reader of a particular mag and just hasn’t gotten around to subscribing yet,  Chocolates: if she has an insatiable sweet tooth. The point is pick something you know she will appreciate and appeals to her as an individual AND something that is different for each member of the bridal party. It will make her feel special that you really put some thought into it.

If you get your girls a few small items, put them together in a personalized or a Bridesmaids tote. Presentation is just as important as the gift itself.

*NOTE: Don’t go overboard on the gifts if t is a financial hardship. a GREAT gift doesn’t have to be expensive. Make a budget and stick to it. if they are your REAL friends they will appreciate the gesture and be eternally grateful for it!


Planning: If The Shoe Fits

Everywhere you go you see pictures of beautiful fabulous brides in their long white wedding gowns and high heel shoes. While I am a fan of stiletto shoes ( at 5’2 i could use the extra lift), I am more a fan of being comfortable and looking and feeling great. So if that means wearing flats or a “comfy” shoes I am all for it. provided it is cute and appropriate for your style of wedding.

Some options to consider are:

Ballet Shoes: Cute, comfy and still fantastic
Kitten Heel: Not quite a flat, not quite a heel but still easy to walk in
Converse: I LOVE this look: If this is YOUR style, if you are THIS bride then do it. 
And please, if the mood strikes, wear a color to coordinate with your wedding.
Foot Jewelry: For you beach brides, foot jewelry is a great alternative to heels. 
Just don’t forget to pack something for the reception…a cute flip flop maybe 
(remember I said cute)

Wedges: No they are not technically flat however, for those brides that are not 
used to walking in heels, this is a good transition to having a lift with a little less wobble
(sorry had to sneak one in there)
What is your pick?

Pretty Little Things: To Have and To Hold

Okay okay, I admit it, I am a bag FIEND. There is said it…whew!

I was going through my things the other day and every storage container I pulled out were full of bags and purses and clutches and totes. I was truly amazed at just how many I have. But I just can’t help it, a great bag can really make or break an outfit just like a cool shoe can.  

Like these bags for instance:

Wouldn’t these pair wonderfully with a bridesmaid or even bride. OR even to accompany you to a cocktail party. Whatever the occasion your bag should compliment your outfit and reflect your personality. And lucky for you there are SO many options to choose from so chose wisely.
photos courtesy of Etsy

Pretty Little Things: CHARGE!

I am semi-sorta-kinda-extremely obsessed with chargers. You know what chargers are right?The bigger plate that goes under the dinner plate that is simply for decor and mostly NOT for eating off of. I love these items because it is the quickest way to dress up a table without doing a whole lot of anything. Stick a charger on the table and viola’ you are now fancy. For weddings and special events charger rentals can range from $1.50 per plate up to $10.00 per and above.

But lucky for you for every day entertaining, Party City has an awesome collection of chargers in some fun colors and patterns.

Check them out:

What is your quick fix table decor that you use for your everyday entertaining?

Pretty Little Things: Put Your Best Foot Forward

Especially if your best foot is rocking one of these sparkly lovelies:


Stuart Weitzman

Christian Louboutin

Donna Karan

Christian Louboutin
(back off these are mine)

Brides… I love it when you embrace the not-so-white shoe to adorn your feet on your wedding day. If shoes are your thing, don’t let anyone talk you into the demure white shoe ( if that isn’t your style). A lot of sparkle goes a long way so show off your shoe fetish and add the sparkle to your feet also. And the best part is, you can wear it again, and again, and again, and… well… you get the point.

Photos courtesy of Essence

Planning: On Your Mark, Get Set…


It’s that time again. That time when hundreds of brides-to-be put their dukes up and get ready to charge for the designer gown of their choice. I am talking about…

on December 1, 2009
3pm – 7pm
110 West 20th Street New York, NY, 10011

This sale boasts thousands of designer gown samples, and accessories with an additional 35% off the already marked down price. Which could mean up to 70% off of select merchandise for YOU.

Here are some designers you can look forward to:

  • Jim Hjelm
  • Amsale
  • Anne Barge
  • Christos
  • Claire Pettibone
  • Eve of Milady
  • Vinyard Collection
  • Pnina Tornai
  • Max Mara
  • Lazaro
  • Kenneth Pool
  • Priscilla of Boston
  • Reem Acra
  • Badgley Mischka
  • and many many more

This sale is first come first serve so get there early. Happy Shopping!!!

Planning: A Finishing Touch

Tented events continue to be a beautiful decor element especially when paired with draping. It is a beautiful site and helps to create a clean luxurious and elegant canvas on which to house your other design elements. If you are considering draping for your event, why not consider including chandeliers in the mix. Chandeliers are no longer used for just the living room that your mom or grandmother refuse to let you walk into. You can incorporate it in your stationary, centerpieces as well as a focal point in your draped tent as show in the image below. Would you incorporate a chandelier(s) in your event?

Image Source Here

We will cover other ways to incorporate chandeliers into your event on in a future post.