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Planning: If the Pants Fit Wear’em

Can we talk here…

Once upon a time brides used to look the same…Stuffed and Fluffed. But as we continue to evolve designers take more and more risks. Now some of these risks should have been buried in the designing room trash can but overall I applaud the style, variations and new trends we are seeing.

One of my FAVORITE new trends are PANTS!!!!!! Yes…O-M-G pants…bridal pants. I’m a girly girl and love my dresses and would never miss the opportunity to walk down the aisle in a beautiful gown, but I know soooo many women that eat, sleep and breath pants. Ask them to put on a dress and it’s like you stole their man and ran off to Taiwan with him.  NOW those women have so many options: sheer, jacketed, dramatic, casual but all maintaining femininity. Just LOOK at some of the options:

* I am ALL over this! LOVE
Would you wear pants to your wedding?

Planning Here Come the Gowns Pt.9

Last but NOT least…


St. Pucci



So…have you found your gown or are you even more confused then when I started this series of gown parades? 
Don’t let me overwhelm you ( too much). Even if you think you kinda maybe sorta know what gown you may want, try it on FIRST…and if that doesn’t work out, try on different gowns in different cuts/styles (more on this later) and see what fits you best. Then start your journey to the perfect gown from there. Just make sure you give yourself at least 8 months lead time to your wedding. You know you can’t rush perfection.
Happy Marrying!

Planning; Here Come The Gowns…

It’s that time of year again…

You know, hat time of year when the holidays are approaching so we…ah mean YOU women start stepping up your wish list hinting game. Don’t act like you are oblivious to what I am talking about either! You know you’ve “accidentally” walked away from the computer with the page open to that gorgeous 2 karat princess cut ring. Or lackadaisically “forgot””about the magazines left all over the house open and dog-eared to the pages of your favorite cut rings. And the hints of “ohh my family is coming over for Thanksgiving/Christmas, what a wonderful time to celebrate something BIG” (wink wink)…you know. Well while you are scheming…ah mean working on your game plan, it’s a perfect time to think about bridal wear since we have seen a STELLAR showing of what’s in store for Fall 2013’s Bridal Gowns.

Sooo, just so you know I am in your corner ( that’s what JunePlumm Events is for),  I have taken the liberty of highlighting some of my faves (and notable mentions) and will be featuring them on the blog all week. Have fun sightseeing and be sure to “casually” turn to my blog when he “happens” to walk by and say hun… “this dress is crazy right…I mean who would really wear that (even though you know YOU totally would wear it ALL day, EVERY day AND even to the grocery store).

Let’s cut to the chase and bring on the gowns…

Yumi Katsura

Winnie Couture
Watters Brides
*tears…THIS color!

LOVE this color!

Vera Wang


Stay tuned for more…