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Down De Isle: Caribbean Wedding Music – 1, 2, 3, 4…Palaance

This next tune is PERFECT to get your party started. If you don’t know this song…WHERE HAVE YOU BEEN. In the Soca world this song is boss. Now many of us/you are probably tired of hearing it but come on…admit it, when you hear it you can’t help but to jump and put your hands up. This is easily the new “Who let the dogs out” and the new “Electric Slide”.

If you have no idea what I am talking about, take a listen and a look:

Oh, and did I mention there is a dance (every good wedding song has to have one):

One of the factors into making a Caribbean wedding A Caribbean wedding is the energy. And this song will certainly bring it out of you and your guests. Palance and enjoy!

Down De Isle: Who Let The Dogs Out – Caribbean Wedding Music

In keeping with our Down Di Aisle series in which we feature Caribbean inspired wedding and event information and details, we will be putting you on a to some tunes that you can play at your event to get your party started, keep the party going, get you down de aisle or just enhance the wedding mood.

Today we are sharing with you this song:

Who Let The Dogs Out“. I am sure you all have heard it and seen the video. BUT did you know that it before the Baha Men made this song popular it was originally a soca song co-written and recorded by Anslem Douglas.

Take a listen:

This is a GREAT song to keep your party going. Especially since it has so much cross over appeal, your Caribbean and Non-Caribbean guests will know exactly what to do. Get up, dance…and don’t forget bark.

NOTE: For you brides/grooms that love your pups and are including them in the wedding, why not preface their little strut down de aisle with Who Let The Dogs Out. *wink*