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Pretty Little Things: Mix it Up

On my wish list right now…and UNTIL I get one in my hands:

Custom Designed mixer. 
I may have mentioned one time that I am a better baker than I am cooker and it is so true. But think of how much better my red velvet cupcakes would be coming from one of these mixers. It’s a MUST have for any one that loves to bake. Nicole Dinardo of Un Amore Custom Designs, makes all kinds of custom designed items but these mixers have to be my faves. Check them out!

Parties: Happy Registering

Crate and Barrel is one of my favorite stores. They have great range of practical home use and decor and the fact that they have products named “Camille” has me SOLD. It is a great must see for you brides preparing or thinking about preparing your bridal registry. They have a wide range of products that can appeal to every pocket.

Stop by Crate and Barrel and check them out or RSVP for one of their Wedding Parties on February 6, 13, 20 & the 27th to help you plan and organize your wedding registries.
Happy Registering

Planning: What’s on Your Wish List

It’s almost the end of October, which to me means Christmas is right around the corner. If you are like me and have a huge family I prepare my Christmas list in August and begin operation shopping immediately thereafter. I find this method extremely helpful as it gives me time to pace myself and not get stuck on those annoying can-you-ring-any-slower registers. Sigh. Prepping early also this leaves me time to get the family and friend out the way, so i can focus on buying the grand-daddy present for …you name it MEEEEE.

I haven’t quite narrowed down what I am buying myself for Christmas yet but now instead of keeping a spreadsheet of fabulous maybes i stumble upon, I will keep track of them on Wishpot.

In case you haven’t noticed (on the sidebar of my blog), I am now a Wedding Expert on Wishpot. A super fabulous site where you can create and keep track of your own wish list of items you must have, should get, or recommend other’s get. Oh and how interesting would it be if you create a wish list of things you must have and it “accidentally” ends up into your special someones in-box. Say it with me, “oh my, how did that get there” (tee hee).

Run, don’t walk over to Wishpot and take a look at a few of JunePlumm Events’ wish lists prepared for clients and passers-by of some of my fave picks. My lists will be evolving so keep checking. I find fabulous things all the time and now I am GLAD I have a place to keep track of them all.

What’s on your Wish list?

Pretty Little Things: Your Champagne Wishes…

I am not a fan of the champagne toast per se. Sure it is nice for everyone to take a coordinated sip, but not everyone fancies champagne as their drink of choice. Not only can it be an extra cost in your catering contract (you CAN negotiate this) but you end up wasting perfectly good bottles of bubbly on those that are not into it. I say you toast with what you are already drinking and use the funds that would have otherwise be spent on the champagne toast elsewhere.

BUUUUT, if that is your thing, why not do it in style. Even if you are not doing the traditional “or more recently” not so traditional toast, you as the couple still need a pair of stylishly fabulous flutes to accessorize your table as well as to put to practical use. Below are some options of flutes for your champagne wishes:

Mara Flute courtesy of Crate and Barrel:

Edge Flute courtesy of Crate and Barrel:

Nambe Motus Champagne Flute courtesy of Crystal Classics:

Sapphire Toasting Flute courtesy of Crystal Classics:

Swiss Dot Flute Courtesy of The Knot:

Silver Flutes with Rhinestones courtesy of Invitations by Dawn:

Tube Stem with Crystal Stones courtesy of Things Festive:

Planning: So Hard to Say Goodbye…

I am in mourning. Mourning the passing of the great monumental establishment. The retail giant that was once and will always be Fortunoff’s.

On a bi-monthly basis (or more frequently) I would make the 25+ mile to the Fortunoff’s @ The Source Mall in Westbury, LI for… anything. You name it I went looking for it. Sheets, Towels, tableware, table covers, decor, jewelry, or just to browse. I would peruse each and every floor just looking at the merchandise and the decor. Christmas was the best. The basement became a wonderful wonderland of holiday spirit and cheer. The store was just FABULOUS.

Originally, when I heard of its passing; I brushed it off as a horrible rumor. One that needed to be dispelled quickly. But alas, my rumor turned out to be a fact when I confirmed with a Fortunoff staffer. So here I am, two days after the official closing, and a few weeks after continuous closing sale bargain hunting and I am still mourning the loss. Where am I going to go to find exceptional home furnishings for my first home? Where would I suggest my brides go for their bridal registry? Where I am going to get my dishes (I am a flatware fanatic)? Where am I going to get my Egyptian cotton sheets? Where?

If you, especially brides and bride to be’s who had or considered having a registry at Fortunoff’s or are preparing to turn your house into a home after recently being wed. I offer you these other retail stores as a viable option to ease the pain of the passing of this establishment:

Williams Sonoma


Crate and Barrel

Bed Bath and Beyond



***This post is dedicated to my dear friend Sharon. The friend that held the cart and stood guard while I dug deep in the bin of Egyptian cotton sheets looking for the Queen size 700 thread count. The friend that held the line while I grabbed the last extra tall vase in antique gold, almost out of someones hands. The friend that talked a man out of buying a bed frame just so she can buy it. I dedicate this post to you,

my friend.***

Planning: Guess Who’s Coming For Dinner

Your sweet, sensitive and considerate hubby just called. First to tell you how much he loves you and is honored that you are his wife. awwwww. He also called to tell you, his little buttercup, that he is up for a promotion so he invited his boss over for dinner. Great you say, when? Tonight…TONIGHT!!! what the @#%&*^%… you could kill him. BUT before you continue your tirade, he expressed to you that his boss was disappointed he was not able to make the wedding and would love to meet the new Mrs. And not to mention a little extra schmoozing time couldn’t hurt his opportunity at a promotion. Also, since he knows his wife is fabulously amazing and always has a entertaining got-it-together attitude, he knew it would be piece of cake. Plus he is sure to make it up to you if you do him this one teensy weensy favor. Okay, since he put it that way, you will oblige…This once…BUT you are still going to kill him

After you finish plotting how you are going to make him pay for this, (Saks, Tiffany’s, Jamaica, hmmm), you realize he is right, you are FABULOUS and always got it together. So you get going:

First: Your survey your house…Spotless:

Next: What to wear? You are thinking something simple will do the trick:

Now, to dress your table: Luckily you have not packed away all the wedding gifts you received from your registry:

Your mission is complete. You are ready for your grand entra…oh wait…I almost forgot the menu. For dinner, Baked Teriyake Salmon:

Accented by a glass of wine:

And for dessert, Creme Brulee:

Ding Dong…It’s Showtime
Nicole Miller Crisscross Bodice Metallic Silk Bubble Dress:Nordstrom;
Martinez Valero ‘Wish’ Slingback Shoes: Nordstrom; Crystal Collection Earrings: Nordstrom
Table cover: Special Events Linen ; L’Objet Alencon Dinnerware: Horchow
Morrigan Wine Glass: CrystaALcarte; Corsica 65 piece stainless steel Flatware: Horchow