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Planning: Thursday is the New Saturday

Just a little note from the planner.

Brides/Grooms and wedding’s on a whole have taken on an entirely new life. They have evolved since the days our grandparents exchanged vows and will continue to do so. With this in mind, I want you savvy couples just beginning to get your planning underway to remember one thing ” if you book it…they will come”.

What this means is, YOU are planning your wedding based on your needs, your desires, your likes, your BUDGET. And with those factors in mind do not be suckered into feeling that you HAVE to get married on a Saturday evening at The Plaza because that is what you “think” your guests will expect. Your guests ( if they truly love, care and wish to celebrate you) will go to a wedding on a Sunday evening, or a Saturday morning, or a Thursday. Wherever your purse strings carry you. Lead with what you want most in your wedding day. Choose your venue based on what matters to you both the most. And if you feel that your desires are waaaaaay out of your budget at the venue of your dreams, don’t forget to ask the Sales manager if you can have the wedding there on a Tuesday or a Sunday or a Thursday. You will be amazed at what suddenly becomes affordable when you become a bit more flexible.

PS: If anyone complains about your “flexible” date, I would seriously consider re-evaluating your relationship with that guest. #JustSayin

Parties: Marsha + Adetunji’s Jamaican and Nigerian Wedding

Last year (yes I said last year…don’t you DARE judge me) I watched a fabulous couple exchange I Do’s at NYC’s Landmark on the Park. A beautiful venue with superb architecture and a very helpful staff. Marsha (a Jamaican Bride) and Adetunji  (A Nigerian Groom – and I didn’t even have to look up the spelling of his name) wanted a fun, culturally rich event where guests can eat well, drink well and party WELL. With clothing changes and lots of culture in the room I think we were able to accomplish exactly what they were looking for.

Look at some of my favorite shots captured by Rick Messina Photography… LOVE THEM):

My favorite part of the wedding was definitely the culture. I love when couples embrace what is true and unique about their individual and couple selves. I learned a bit of Nigerian lingo as well as had fun infusing Jamaican patois in some of the signage for the reception.

As far as JunePlumm couples go, these two are my kinda peeps and I was so happy to be a partner in creating such a splendid night.

Shout out to these Fab vendors that helped to make it all worth it!

Event Planner: JunePlumm Events
Cinematography: Majestic Creative Films
DJ: Wale (groomsman) & Assistant
Cake: Fancy n Sweet
Florist: Marina Florist
Officiant: Pam Randaleman
Make-up: Vee Diddy

Parties: Team Tadjerie…Love on The Mainline

This was no ordinary Saturday in July. This particular Saturday… July 28, 2012 (yes I’m a bit late) was the day that Tadj Cazaubon & Valerie Delgado was set to exchange vows in a garden ceremony followed by a cocktail hour and semi-formal reception. Well, mother nature had other plans so we had to move our outdoor wedding indoors. But that did NOT damper any of the days activities. There were tears, smiles, jitters, laughs, LOVE, wardrobe malfunctions, dancing and a never ending parade of a whole lot of fun.

Val andTadj, (Team Tadjerie), spent a little over a year working very closely with me to design the perfect wedding for them. He from St. Lucia , her from Trinidad, both wanting to make sure the wedding was a true reflection of him – cool as ice, her – hot like fire, him – old school reggae, her – fast paced soca and dancehall. Together we developed a fun event that showcased their love for each other and their desire to have a darn good time!

Take a look at how far they have come since “Love on the Mainline“:

That floor decal was a hit. THANKS Ten23 Designs
Nicole from Creative Creations Unltd made these average shoes OUTSTANDING

(The dance floor stayed full from the moment the DJ said “let’s get this party started. Oh and that’s the JunePlumm crew in the front getting the dancefloor warmed up)

Rockstar Crew on Team Tadjerie’s Wedding:
Event Planner: JunePlumm Events 
– special mention to Renee, Nikki, Bev and Nicole. You guys were AWESOME!
MC: Jeff Samerson
DJ: Funky Fat Boy
Hairstylist: Nikki Essence
Stationary: Etsy: StudioG Designs
Details: Ten23 Designs (Decals)

More pictures of this wedding our JunePlumm Events Page

Featured Parties: Team MarJay – Simply Chic

Event Date: September 30, 2011

I began working with Marcia and JJ, a Jamaican couple living in Canada in early 2011.  Marcia said to me, “I want a purple and yellow wedding that is simple, chic, fun and has bling and i’m not sure how to make that happen.” I told her that is what I am there for and together we will make it happen…and together we did.

It was a pleasure working side by side with Marcia on bringing her vision to life. To be so in sync with your client kinda makes my job too easy (not really but you get the point).  Together we planned the fun, purple and yellow, simply chic affair with an outdoor ceremony and indoor cocktail hour and reception. An evening of reggae music, belly-aching laughter, a flash mob, Jamaican Rum Cake -yumm,  and even a few surprises… like the rain that happen to start minutes before the outdoor ceremony, and a sweet and sour candy bar, topped off this fabulous event that I still smile about today.

Here, see for yourself:

Thanks to the following for making the magic happen for Team MarJay:

Design and Coordination: JunePlumm Events
Asst. Coordinators: Rosanna Lee and Marsha Williams
Photography: Divinemethod Photography (Siva – RAWKS)
Venue: La Primavera Hospitality & Convention Centre
Florals, Linen and Decor: Creations Special Events & Custom Decor
DJ: Adrian of Music Man Entertainment
Cakes: Friend of the Family
MC: Jay Martin
Candy Bar: The Look Catering
Stationary: StudioG Designs/Etsy
Decal: Ten23 Designs
Card Box and Logo: For The Modern Bride
Feathered Hair Piece: Bridal Styles Boutique

Marcia and JJ, I send you lots and LOTS of virtual hugs and smooches. It was such an honor to be a part of this important time in your lives and I look forward to your many many Happy Anniversaries.

For More information from this wedding, you can check 

Parties: Team JasLo -Taste The Rainbow

As I mentioned in a previous post, I met Jasmine by chance. She is an amazing photographer and an even more amazing person. After our first encounter (networking) I swore that I would not rest until we would have the opportunity to work together professionally. Well my wish came true…kinda. You see, when Jasmine and I met, she was almost at the tail end of planning her rainbow wedding to Aloysius (a totally awesome dude LOL). And to my surprise she pulled JunePlumm Events in to assist her in the final stages of planning. From the first planner/client meeting I knew we were going to have a home run. I mean look how well this rainbow wedding came together:

I know I am a big sap and cry at EVERYones wedding but at this one in particular I was boo-hoo’ing like a 2 day old. The love that was in that room was thick and you couldn’t help but feel like you have a part of their lives for decades. I know Jasmine and Aloysius do not need luck but I wish them luck anyway. They are truly meant for each other and I see nothing but longevity in their future. LOVE you guys!

And as usual no wedding is complete without the support from an amazing team of professionals to help bring everything together:

Photography: Katie Jane Photography
Hair/Make-up: Cari Duprey Hair and Make-up Artistry
Venue: The Waterview Club
DJ: Variety Music
Stationary: Flair DesigneryLLC
Florist: Jackie’s Florist
Cake: Erga Italian Bakery
Favors: Mr. Ribbon
Jewelry: Sparkle Beast Designs
Officiant: Father Robert
Balloons: Balloon Bouquet of Long Island
Calligraphy: I Heart Calligraphy

THANKS! for your Everything!

Check Katie Jane’s Blog for more pics of Team JasLo’s rainbow wedding.

Planning: Team Tadjerie – How They Love

Let me tell you about my super duper amazing clients Team Tadjerie:

SHE: is all about the bright colors
HE: is all about the dark blue
SHE: loves Carnival in Trinidad and Tobago
HE: loves playing pool in Brooklyn
SHE: is sexy
HE: is cool
SHE: talks allot
HE: is a man of few words
SHE: can’t stand smoking
HE: loves a good cigar
THEY: can’t wait to be married on July 28, 2012 in Woodbury, NY and I can’t wait to share these details with you. BUT… until then, here are some pics from their engagements session.

…to be continued

Locations: Dumbo & Slate NYC
Make-up Artist: Robin Lynn Artistry

I Love You Still…: A JunePlumm Event

Takiyah and Rob (or Team Rokiyah as I call them) were officially married on August 12, 2011 in a civil ceremony in the presence of close friends and family (& JunePlumm Events). They were scheduled to have their cocktail wedding reception two weeks later at a private loft in lower Manhattan. Scheduled being the key word here. Unfortunately due to Hurricane Irene they were forced to re-schedule the reception until two weeks later. I can’t begin to tell you how bummed they were since family and friends had already flown into the city to be a part of the celebration. We were fortunate however, all of our vendors were on board to moving the date with NO objections.


Two days before the rescheduled reception, after all the vendors have been confirmed and all the final payments have been made, my bride called and said “Camille, I was just informed that the venue has been closed down and will not be open for our cocktail reception on Saturday…”…WHAT!!!!!!!. Did I mention this was two days before the date. Can I tell you how much I felt Takiyah’s pain and sadness. I mean she was at the point of throwing her hands in the air and saying *#@! it!


I called her back 30 mins later and told her I secured another venue and all of her vendors were on board…AGAIN. So after prayer, excitement, sadness, more prayer, excitement, sadness again, even more praying, hustling, texting, re-organizing and reconfirming we were finally able to celebrate the wedding reception of Takiyah & Robert Thompson. Whew!…

Take a look at the event that almost wasn’t:

I was overjoyed at smiling their smiling faces

WOW…I mean just look at these shoes!

I would be remiss if I didn’t send an EXTRA LARGE thank you to Alex @ TenTon Studios in Brooklyn Navy Yards. When I called him with my clients story he was quick and eager to help out any way he could and I cannot thank him enough.  And to my other vendors:

Catering: Spoonbread
Photography: Justin Ifill-Forbes Photography
Cake: Kellz Cakez
Signage: Flair Designery @ Etsy
Flowers: Marine Florists
Draping: NY Lounge Decor
DJ: DJ Moet
Linen: All Affairs Rental
Favors: Rolling Pin Productions

From the bottom of my heart I want to THANK YOU all for your patience, understanding and for helping to put a permanent smile on the face of my deserving clients. JunePlumm Events puffy hearts you ALL!

And last but certainly NOT least, to Team Rokiyah. I know your marriage will be eternally blessed because no matter what you put God first, only wanted happiness for each other, rose above all the challenges and in the end came out on TOP.

I love you both…keep celebrating!

For more pics check our Fan Page Here

Planning: The Bigger The Better?

My latest obsession which I am sad to see end is the show “My Big Fat Gypsy Wedding” on TLC. Which takes you into the secret lives of Irish Travellers and UK Gypsies and allows us to witness a first hand view of their weddings. And oh what a wedding.
When it first premiered I watched just to see how ridiculously big the dresses are and all the excess surrounding these nuptials. But as I watched week after week, and even repeats, I couldn’t help feel extremely sad for these group of people who are constantly judged and discriminated against. As a group of women raised mostly uneducated they have two goals in life; to be housewives and to be a princess on their wedding day with a massive wedding gown. And to keep this dream alive they plan with concern that they may experience cancellation after cancellation. I can’t help but to feel sorry for them. I mean how would you like it if you were planning a wedding worrying that your venue will cancel on you because of who you are. Maybe it’s the planner in me that wants everyone to have a happy wedding day no matter WHAT happiness means to the individual.
Discrimination aside, I am mesmerized at how these young (and I do mean young…even 15/16yr) ladies are so enamoured by being a princess for a day. HUGE Gowns they can barely walk in, horse drawn carriages, castle cakes, mini brides, bridesmaids dresses the size of a small NYC apt and bling for days. The bigger the more extravagant the better. It makes you wonder, if Travellers and Gypsies are supposed to be so “financially challenged” how the heck do they afford these weddings?
Take a look at some of the extravagance I referred to:
(actually a rare non traveller that married a traveller)
Guess what I am going to be this Halloween:)