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Pretty Little Things: Inspired By Skittles…

I have a friend, a friend for about 19 + years and counting. Though we haven’t seen each other in a long long LONG time I still regard her as someone very special in my life. We met through our mothers who were close. And through their closeness we become close.
She was a popular girl entering Junior High School with many friends and I started with none. She was kind enough to stick close to me as a new girl starting out and introduce me to her friends so we can all become friends and I wouldn’t feel alone. Unfortunately we didn’t graduate J.H.S together because she left New York and moved to Georgia with her family. Even though we now had some miles in between us, I was glad that throughout the years we have still remained a part of each others lives so much so that I was honored to witness the union of her marriage to her husband as a bridesmaid in her wedding about 10+ years ago.
Well, that’s our history. Here we are 2010. I wake up one morning early because I couldn’t sleep and went on Facebook to see what everyone was up to (don’t judge me, you know you do it too). I saw that she posted something on Facebook that made me sit up in my bed. She was diagnosed with Breast Cancer. I could barely get through reading the post without my hands shaking and tears streaming down my face…who am I kidding I was bawling. Partly because I wasn’t there with her & the other part because I was fearing the whatifs ( I won’t even go there). I’m tearing up just writing this so I will stop now because I just can’t…
She talks about her journey in her blog HERE. But in case you don’t get a chance to read it just know that she is OK…she is a survivor…she is blessed…she is alive…she is kicking butt (literally)…and she is Awesome.. and she is STILL my friend.
So I dedicate this inspiration board to her…my friend Melissa. For just being the her!
Smooches Skittles…Cookie puffy hearts you!