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Parties: The Bride Said ‘NO’

How hilarious (okay well maybe not so hilarious) is it that a nervous groom worked up the nerves to propose to his girlfriend that he wants to spend the REST of his life with and she, in all her excitement says:


No, i’m not kidding. My bride said NO. hahahahahaha. I can laugh now because I know they exchanged vows but when I heard the story I clutched my pearls. It seems she was so excited and nervous and excited… and did I say EXCITED she barely heard a word he said and instead of shouting YES ( which I assumed she meant) she said NO. Luckily the groom finally got his yes (I think) and they were married on May 4, 2017 in a Harlem Renaissance themed affair. I will share lots more on this story later but for now I leave you with one of my favorite pictures from this beautiful wedding:

And please, allow me to thank the wonderful partners that made it possible to pull of this amazing wedding:

Teamwork makes the Dream Work

Parties: The Brownstone

Let’s just cut to the chase…this wedding is beauuuuuutiful…

talk about using your space efficiently. LOVE!

What I love most about this wedding, besides the beauty in everything as seen through the lens of Sobitart Photography,  is that the ceremony and reception was at a Brooklyn Brownstone. How fab is that. I mean really…a beautiful couple in a beautiful space having loads of fun. One of those weddings that makes me say “I wish I was there”. Take a look at more of this amazing celebration over at Sobitart Photography’s Blog. FANTASTIC photos Chad!

Photos courtesy of Sobitart Photography

Parties: A JunePlumm Event – Analiza + Herrick

The time is drawing near for JunePlumm Events to witness one of our fabulous couples waltz down the aisle. But until that time comes, we will continue to prep, plan and pray for a sunny day for their garden ceremony.

Here is a peak at our lovely couple soon to be married in Vaughn, Ontario ( yeah…Canada):

Can you guess what the theme of their wedding:)?

Parties: Got Photo’d @ Get Married

I am a huge fan of photo booths in weddings. It is a fun entertaining activity that brings out the silliest in people (yours truly included). So no surprise that while attending the Get Married Magazine Launch on Sunday in NYC, I was all over the photo booth by NYC Photobooths. Take a look at what resulted in a trip behind the velvet curtains with my colleague Tamika.

*** DISCLAIMER: We are NOT flipping the bird in the last picture on the left.
That is the peace sign on at a bad angle***

Here are a few more pics from the fabulous launch party:

This fabulous foursome is Corrie from Invite Couture, Lisa from Elite Affairs,
Keli from Little Pink Book Events, Ltd., and Me.
Great group of ladies
All photos courtesy of Camille for JunePlumm Events

Planning: Are you game?

What have you decided to do with your gown after your wedding day?

  • Sell it?
  • Store it and hand it down as an heirloom?
  • Re-design it into a new dress?
  • Give it away?

Or are you game to Trash it? In case you are not familiar, trashing the dress is a popular trend in which a photo shoot is designed around a gorgeous bridal gown in a not so gorgeous setting. Think about wearing your silk taffeta strapless ball gown in a dark alley and having it tagged (graffiti style). Or picture submersing yourself in a pool while wearing your off the shoulder silk satin A line gown? I LOVE this trend and think it is very sexy. I would be hesitant to “trash” my fabulous dress though but I am NOT opposed to buying a “stand in” to trash. Just for the experience.

For visual stimulation take a look at THIS trash the dress photo shoot I stumbled upon while perusing my blog roll courtesy of Linda Smith Weddings.

Pretty Little Things: A Private Affair

Conversing with a friend of mine (hi Mika) about weddings and such, she came across some flicks on and the wedding of a seemingly lovely couple Shawn and Eric Roberson. I flipped through the 70 page album and stopped short at this picture…

Now here is amazing photography at work. A very sexy shot. I am almost ashamed to look. I feel as if I am invading this couple’s very private moment.

Did someone turn up the heat in here?

Well congratulations to them and I wish them many many more private moments. You can see more of this couple Here.