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Pretty Little Things: Ooooooooh Sparkly

What can’t you add a little sparkle to when preparing for your wedding? When you find the answer to that, please let me know. But from where I sit, a little sparkle goes a long way. BUT from where my friend Tamika (Mika) sits, ALOT of sparkle goes even further. Her current obsession, and they switch up like the weather is cake bling. So for Mika and other brides mesmerized by the sparkle, here are some options to bling out your cake.
Courtesy of Decorating Studio:

Courtesy of Couture Crystals:

Courtesy of 1 Wedding Source:

Pretty Little Things: Cocktail Anyone?

Your Maid of Honor. She accompanied you 7 bridal salons and watched you try on 32 wedding gowns until you found the perfect one that accented the “goods”. She endured your daily 2:00 am panic attacks that the florist will deliver Calla Lilies instead of Casablanca Lilies. She organized a spa retreat weekend for your Bachelorette Party and made sure all guests were dressed in a “We’re with the Princess Bride” t-shirts. She helped you select the chartreuse accented invites over the celedon accented invites because chartreuse made the custom logo pop. She said no problem when you asked her to pay $575 for your maid of honor gown that you will NEVER wear again.

Let’s face it. The girls was an angel and deserves something special. To, show your gratitude why not treat her to a nice refreshing COCKTAIL:

How about a Mojito?


Or a Margarita?:

(Green Amethyst & Diamond)

Or, maybe she is looking to mellow out tonight so a Pina Colada will hit the spot?:

(Green Gold Quartz, Smokey Quartz & Peridot)

On second thought, I think she is more of a Rum and Cola kinda girl?:

(Chocolate Diamonds & White Gold)

Or were you thinking to brighten up her day with a Tequila Sunrise?:

(Citrine & Chocolate Diamond)

No…I got it. What lady wouldn’t love a Cosmopolitan?:

(Pink Sapphire & Diamond)

Whatever your desire there is a cocktail ring to quench the thirst.

Credits: All cocktail rings Courtesy of Ice.Com

Planning: Diamond Tutor

To continue on with my ode to diamonds month, I came across this very interesting site, RingTutor. Ring Tutor is an independent shopping service that, as I see it:

  • provides personal shopping services for you. They will take your budget and wish list and provide you with 3 online options of rings to buy that meets your needs


  • evaluates and directs you in case you have already selected a diamond(s) and are unsure if it is a valuable purchase


  • gives you basic diamond education and shopping tips

I think someone just pushed your easy button. Doesn’t this seem like information worthy enough to magically appear in his in-box or around the house…”I don’t know how that got there honey“…go ahead, I won’t tell (wink, wink)

Planning: Put a Bling On It…

In the party world, there is always a place for a diamond even if it isn’t on your finger. You can accent an otherwise usual table setting with a diamond ring napkin ring. Or, you may choose to hand out diamond ring key chains to your guests as party favors. Whatever your pleasure, there is a diamond accessory to help YOU put a bling on it.

And because I really enjoy putting a bling on it, I am sharing with you some diamonds I have incorporated in my past events.

Credits: Diamond Tealight Holders: courtesy of Beaucoup; Diamond Ring Keychain: courtesy of Beaucoup: Diamond Wine stopper: The Wedding Outlet; Diamond Napkin Ring Holders: Goodthings Weddings; Diamond Paperweight: courtesy of Wedding Favorites

Pretty Little Things: Diamonds, This Shapes for you

Princess, Asscher and Marquise. And I am not referring to possible names of your girlfriend’s kids. I am talking about shapes, diamond shapes that is, and that is just to name a few. Choosing the right shape for you should depend on your own personal style, budget and sometimes the shape of your fingers.

Let’s say your deciding factor is the $$$$. Then you may focus your attention on the emerald and princess cuts. These shapes tend to be more affordable than that of asscher or heart shape. Hello, I said affordable, not cheap. The affordability comes because the extra sparkle tends to hide flaws very well and it is the least affordable to create…hence, affordable ring.

What if you have small hands and shorter fingers. If this is you, then you may favor an oval or pear shaped diamond because it tends to give the illusion of more elongated fingers. Or maybe you are just a big pile of mush and are looking for a truly romantic shape. Then check out the the heart shape diamond. Many call this shape the most romantic of all shapes.

OH, and let’s not forget the majority, those looking for whatever shape that will give the biggest shine. Then you may want to check into the round shapes (this shape accounts for 75% of all the diamonds sold today). Are we surprised, NO!. Who wouldn’t want that extra bling.

Whatever your deciding factor is for choosing the right shape, make sure you do the research and try on as many as possible (well that is if you are a part of the choosing process). In the meantime, below are a few samples of some of the more popular shapes (I have marked my favorites with asterisks..hint hint).








Heart (the heart shaped diamond is ideally a pear shaped diamond with a cleft in it):


* As much as I love and adore diamonds, I would encourage you always consult a reputable jeweler who belongs to the Jewelers of America Organization, to ensure you are not purchasing a “Conflict or Blood Diamond“. As precious as this stone is, it is certainly NOT worth a persons life.

Planning: April showers bring…

DIAMONDS, what else?

According to Wikipedia a diamond is the allotrope of carbon where the carbon atoms are arranged in an isometric-hexoctahedral crystal lattice…blah, blah, blah, yawn…A diamond is an illustrious, sparkly material that you put on and it immediately lights up your world and the world of everyone around you… well provided you have the RIGHT kind of diamond of course.

A diamond is also my birthstone (born on the 28th). My personal belief is that diamonds were created just for me (and anyone else sharing a birthday in April). I mean you need something shiny to cling to and shelter you from all the rainy weather. So in honor of the month of April, I have decided to dedicate a few posts to this wonderful material, after all a diamond IS a girls best friend.

To be continued…