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Planning: Love Your Wedding Like Yuh Playing Mas

There is no shame in my game, I LOVE Weddings and I LOVE Carnival (not the circus…picture Rio De Janeiro). Therefore one of my favorite things to do as a Wedding Planner is to merge my two loves together. If you have every experienced a Carnival in [Insert any Caribbean Island HERE] then you know it’s a feeling like no other. The euphoria, the joy, the “nothing else can top this feeling”, the “cast your troubles away feeling”, the “everyone is so happy and awesome” feeling, then you know why I want my clients to LOVE their wedding like they are playing mas (as in masquerading). Wouldn’t you like to experience your wedding and feel like “nothing else can top this”…I would and my client should as well. So while some clients will express to me that carnival is their favorite time of the year I try to show them well let’s bring the essence of carnival into your big day.

So if this Tribe Azalea carnival costume was the my clients inspiration, their wedding would look like:

Inspiration for your wedding can and should come from ANYWHERE. So why not use what you love especially if it is what joins you and your love together and celebrate.  Embrace the culture, embrace the color, enjoy the music, feel the vibes, relive the excitement that carnival, or whatever it is brings you and Love your wedding like yuh playing mas!
Photo: courtesy of Etsy

Parties: La Wedding Nouba

Every year I spend about 7-10 days with my girlfriends in Trinidad for Carnival. I love everything that is Trinidad Carnival. The music, the vibes, the costumes, the euphoric feeling of having not a care in the world. For only but a moment there is nothing to put a frown on your face because you are too busy having the time of your life with the best people in the world…FRIENDS.

This year I played Mas (masquerade) with YUMA (Young Upwardly Mobile Adults). The theme this year was Cirque and I had the pleasure of wearing the La Nouba costume. After every carnival I like to take my costumes and merge it with my other love…Weddings.

Aaaaaaaaaand…VOILA’! Here is my interpretation of La Nouba…wedding style.

This costume merged my love of bright colors and black and white stripes so it really was a no brainer on which costume I would choose for the 2014 season. This has easily been one of my top 3 costumes, and there are many so this deserves honorable mention. I can’t wait to see what bands bring for 2015. The excitement has set in already!

So what do you think, could you have a La Nouba Wedding? I TOTALLY would!


Planning: The Striped Effect

My latest obsession = BOLD Black and white stripes.

What do I love about it?

  1. It’s VERY eye catching
  2. You can add any color with it and it accents it VERY well
  3. A little bit of stripes goes a long way and still makes an impact
  4. It’s magic… put it on (an object) and immediately adds length and width  (not always a positive when it comes to horizontal striped clothing though)
  5. Did I mention it is VERY eye catching

So what do you think? Too much for you or right up your alley? I will admit… it’s ALLOT, and not for the faint at heart. But as I mentioned before, if you love bold stripes but your not ready to fully commit, see #3 above: “a little bit of stripes goes a long way”.  If you feel like it might be for you, here are some ways to consider infusing this awesomely amazingly beautiful design into your wedding, for the Bold AND the Bashful

  • Bold: Use a striped table cover… Bashful: Use a solid color table cover with a black and white striped linen runner
  • Bold: Wear a broad striped belt with a striped ribbon flower fascinator…Bashful: Wrap your bouquet with striped ribbon
  • Bold: Drape the ceiling of your reception tent with black and white fabric…Bashful: Use a striped dinner napkin and let it hang over the side of the table but under your charger
  • Bold: Add stripes to your outdoor ceremony by alternating black and white lawn or chiavari chairs…Bashful: Have your stationary designer add a subtle stripe to the ceremony program and leave one on alternating chairs
  • Bold: Striped bow or neck ties…Bashful: Striped cuff links
  • Bold: Striped flower girl dress (solid on the top and striped from the waist down)…Bashful: Striped ponytail ribbon 

It’s your wedding, do it how you want to. Either stand waaaaay out or stand out a little, but whatever you do…STAND OUT!

SO…are you Bold or Cautious?

Planning: What I’m Pinning

Are you on Pinterest? JunePlumm Events is and I am LOVING IT. It took me a while to warm up to it but I have officially been bitten by the pinning bug and I am running with it. As an event planner I am constantly strolling the Internet for inspiration, information and whatever else and Pinterest gives me the best option to keep all my inspirations in one place.

For instance, look some of my recent pins.

From my “Gowns” board

From my “Gowns” board
From my “For The Home” board

From my “Green Inspirations” board

From my “Blue Inspirations” board

From my “Stationary” board

From my “Cool Photos” board
From my “De Islands” board
From my “Aisle Decor” board

From my “Beauty” board

From my “Little Ones” board

From my “Yummies” board

It’s not just about the weddings. If your on Pinterest follow JunePlumm Events we’d love to check your boards out as well.

Pretty Little Things: Inspired By Skittles…

I have a friend, a friend for about 19 + years and counting. Though we haven’t seen each other in a long long LONG time I still regard her as someone very special in my life. We met through our mothers who were close. And through their closeness we become close.
She was a popular girl entering Junior High School with many friends and I started with none. She was kind enough to stick close to me as a new girl starting out and introduce me to her friends so we can all become friends and I wouldn’t feel alone. Unfortunately we didn’t graduate J.H.S together because she left New York and moved to Georgia with her family. Even though we now had some miles in between us, I was glad that throughout the years we have still remained a part of each others lives so much so that I was honored to witness the union of her marriage to her husband as a bridesmaid in her wedding about 10+ years ago.
Well, that’s our history. Here we are 2010. I wake up one morning early because I couldn’t sleep and went on Facebook to see what everyone was up to (don’t judge me, you know you do it too). I saw that she posted something on Facebook that made me sit up in my bed. She was diagnosed with Breast Cancer. I could barely get through reading the post without my hands shaking and tears streaming down my face…who am I kidding I was bawling. Partly because I wasn’t there with her & the other part because I was fearing the whatifs ( I won’t even go there). I’m tearing up just writing this so I will stop now because I just can’t…
She talks about her journey in her blog HERE. But in case you don’t get a chance to read it just know that she is OK…she is a survivor…she is blessed…she is alive…she is kicking butt (literally)…and she is Awesome.. and she is STILL my friend.
So I dedicate this inspiration board to her…my friend Melissa. For just being the her!
Smooches Skittles…Cookie puffy hearts you!

Pretty Little Things: I’m Dreaming of a Red Christmas

Christmas is my hands down, favorite holiday of the year. I love the spirit of giving. I love the family bonding. And I loooooooooooove my Christmas tree. Every year, I get super excited trying to think about the theme of the tree for that particular year, and this year was no different. Well this year inspiration knocked me the heck out and had me seeing RED. Red lights, red ornaments and red wrapping paper. Red, red, red….

So to share in my joy of my favorite time of year, I put together a red inspiration board for your perusal.

How did you decorate your tree this year?…


Gown (unknown); centerpiece (The Knot); votives (The Knot)

bouquet (The Knot); ornament (unknown)

flutes (shopforwedding); shoes (designer wholesale sources); centerpiece (The Knot)

candycane (rangebuzz); dress (edressme); ornament (

Planning: E-spiration

It’s that time again. Time for Easter bonnets full of pinky, yellowy and peachy flowery goodness. So in honor of Easter bonnets and marshmallow peeps all over the world, I put together an E-spiration (Easter Inspiration) Board (courtesy of Bridal Canvas).

Photo Credits

Flower Girl Dresses: Winnie Couture courtesy of; Pearls: Details Unknown;
Top Right Bridesmaids Dress: Jim Hjelm Details Unknown; Cake: Details Unknown;
Bottom Left Bridesmaids Dress: Jim Hjelm Occasions courtesy of;
Shoes: courtesy of The Knot; Flowers: Details Unknown