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Planning: Hair Comes The Bride

How are you going to wear your hair for your wedding day?

Long Soft Curls

Curly Natural Updo

Sexy Loc Updo

Shoulder length with soft waves…

Slicked Back Tight Chignon

Sassy Bold Chignon

Short simple and sweet bob framing your face…

Updo with a twist (or two)

Whatever style you choose it is important to consider a few things:

  • What style dress are you wearing? You don’t want your hair to compete with your dress. Too much detail at the top of the gown means you may want to stay away from a super busy hairdo that hangs way past your shoulder covering all the gown fablulousness. Keep it simple and sexy.

  • What is the style of the wedding? Are you having a throwback Harlem Renaissance style wedding? Then not only your dress should look the part but you hair as well. Keep it all in the same era.

  • Where are you getting married? If you are getting married outside by the beach where it is super windy, that means there will be mist in the air. That means if you do not have that snap-back-to-it hair then a long spiral hairdo may NOT be for you.

  • What style looks best on you. For your wedding you should be the best YOU that YOU can be. This means if you can rock a mean ponytail then RAWK it. Just polish it up so it compliments the dress, the location and the wedding style.
  • Do you sweat or “glisten”: If you perspire after saying supercalifragilisticexpialidocious then put your hair up and back. #ThatIsAll
Discuss all of these important factors with your stylist before your event. This way on the day of the BIG day you will all be on the same page and not struggling to figure it out at the last minute.