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Parties: The Bride Said ‘NO’

How hilarious (okay well maybe not so hilarious) is it that a nervous groom worked up the nerves to propose to his girlfriend that he wants to spend the REST of his life with and she, in all her excitement says:


No, i’m not kidding. My bride said NO. hahahahahaha. I can laugh now because I know they exchanged vows but when I heard the story I clutched my pearls. It seems she was so excited and nervous and excited… and did I say EXCITED she barely heard a word he said and instead of shouting YES ( which I assumed she meant) she said NO. Luckily the groom finally got his yes (I think) and they were married on May 4, 2017 in a Harlem Renaissance themed affair. I will share lots more on this story later but for now I leave you with one of my favorite pictures from this beautiful wedding:

And please, allow me to thank the wonderful partners that made it possible to pull of this amazing wedding:

Teamwork makes the Dream Work

Parties: Marsha + Adetunji’s Jamaican and Nigerian Wedding

Last year (yes I said last year…don’t you DARE judge me) I watched a fabulous couple exchange I Do’s at NYC’s Landmark on the Park. A beautiful venue with superb architecture and a very helpful staff. Marsha (a Jamaican Bride) and Adetunji  (A Nigerian Groom – and I didn’t even have to look up the spelling of his name) wanted a fun, culturally rich event where guests can eat well, drink well and party WELL. With clothing changes and lots of culture in the room I think we were able to accomplish exactly what they were looking for.

Look at some of my favorite shots captured by Rick Messina Photography… LOVE THEM):

My favorite part of the wedding was definitely the culture. I love when couples embrace what is true and unique about their individual and couple selves. I learned a bit of Nigerian lingo as well as had fun infusing Jamaican patois in some of the signage for the reception.

As far as JunePlumm couples go, these two are my kinda peeps and I was so happy to be a partner in creating such a splendid night.

Shout out to these Fab vendors that helped to make it all worth it!

Event Planner: JunePlumm Events
Cinematography: Majestic Creative Films
DJ: Wale (groomsman) & Assistant
Cake: Fancy n Sweet
Florist: Marina Florist
Officiant: Pam Randaleman
Make-up: Vee Diddy

Planning: How Much Is Too Much?

How much is too much to drink at your wedding…

If your officiant is thanking you for inviting him to the cocktail hour, reception and wishing you love and happiness throughout your wedding, THEN you stick your tongue in your spouses ear and say “later baby”…
-you have had too much to drink

If you are giving your thank you speech and no one can hear you because you are holding the microphone upside down…
-you have had too much to drink

If you introduce your wife to your cousin she as never met as “what’s your name again…I ah ah ah can’t ahh do we know each other”…
-you have had too much to drink

If you are about to do the ceremonious cutting of the cake and you start doing the “Do you smell what the Rock is cooking” display…
-you have had too much to drink

If you know you are not receiving the best dancer of the year award and you proceed to entertain your guest with your own rendition of flashdance…complete with chair…
-you have had too much to drink

If you approach your wedding planner to thank her for a job well done by trying to kiss her ON THE MOUTH in front of your wife…
-you have had too much to drink

A wedding is supposed to be an enjoyable special occasion. Don’t compromise it by over indulging in drink offers by your friends and guests. I know you don’t want to offend anyone by turning down the offer to toss one back for ole’ times sake, but you also want to remember your wedding tomorrow. Learn to say thanks for the offer but I have had enough.

You will be glad you did.

Planning: Friday For The Fellas: Pucker Up!

Many times I have witnessed a quizzical look on a groom’s face after being told “I now pronounce you man and wife, you may now kiss your bride“. It’s the look that says, but her dad is watching. Or, should I lean into the right and tilt her head, should I put my arm around her waist first then pull her close, should I just dive in and slip her the tongue, or I wonder if I have time for a breath mint?…That look.

So I asked one of the grooms why he looked so puzzled and he confided in me that he was concerned about the “quality” of his kiss. He further clarified that he never gave it much thought prior to the wedding day, but at THAT moment all he could think about was doing it right.

So, just in case there are any other fellas having that thought cross your mind at the “Big Moment”, the answer is very simple. However long you kiss, however deep your kiss, however way you kiss, the only thing that matters is that your kiss reads like one thousand I love yous.

courtesy of Charlotte Geary Photography

Pretty Little Things: Fridays For the Fellas: Put A Clip On It

Let’s face it, you have spent and will continue to spend thousands of dollars on your wedding and now you are trying to narrow down your bridal party gifts. You are extremly cost conscious but you don’t want to seem cheap either. While the options for your bridesmaids are in abundance, it is usually the groomsmen gift that you feel stumped on. My favorite go-to-option for a groomsman gift is a money clip. No surprise there huh. I know it might seem so common but they come in so many differnt varieties that it just works. Check out these options for money clips:

A Perfect Wallet:

Things Remembered:

Hey why re-invent the wheel if it works find just the way it is:)

Pretty Little Things: Fridays for the Fellas – Boutonniere

I know I am guilty of this myself but women seem to get all the love at weddings. They get the bling, the dress, the flowers and the attention. And what do the fellas get a suit and a boutonniere. You know the little rose bud with babies breath. Picture it, I will give you a minute………… yeah boring huh. A red rose and babies breath?…(shivers). Long gone are those days, now the fellas are getting some well needed shine and the boutonniere is actually a staple that you WANT to pay attention to.

Take a look at these stunners ( no babies breath here):

You go Fellas!!!


Chrysalis Flowers; Academy Florists; Wedding Bee; Petals Floral Design.; Headpiece Heaven; Amazon Flowers;

Pretty Little Things: Vendor Highlight – Bestow Boutique

Last week Saturday I had the pleasure of attending the Pop-up Wedding Chapel at Brooklyn’s own 303 Grand. I saw lots of Pretty Little Things and took plenty of references. One of them from Bestow Boutique . Look at some of the pretty votives and such I found on the site:

Silver Votive (great for a vintage inspired event):

Hobnail Tea light Holders (think Moroccan themed event):

Vintage Fluted Votive (great universal decorative element):

Lady Rhubarb Soap Set (great for favors or bridal party gifts):

Groom’s Instruction Manual (“For the groom who wants to take an active role in planning his wedding, but isn’t entirely sure what to do“):