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2011 Was (is) the Bomb!

2011 was a good year…correction it was (is) a GREAT year! I had the opportunity to work with some amazing clients on some of their most special events. Also, I have been the happiest (personally) I have been in many MANY years (despite some not happy occasions). Therefore I wanted to take a moment to publicly acknowledge some of the highlights of my year. Believe me this post would have been a mile longer than it already is so I decided to keep it short (kinda) and only list my top 10 (in no particular order).

1.  Ana an Co.    
FINALLY receiving professional pictures from one of our 2010 Events in Canada. Upon a return trip to Canada I was able to meet up with my former client and friend Analiza who took me out for the MOST AMAZING SEAFOOD MEAL EVER!!!!!!!. We were able to catch up on life after the wedding, her successes, her family and what’s in store for the Posadas’s in the near future (crossing fingers for them). And she was gracious enough to give me the pics from her wedding that I never received from the photographer ( grrrrrrr). When I finally sat to review the professional pics I stumbled upon this little cutie and fell in love. Oh…and guess what, she has since hired JunePumm Events AGAIN for a 2012 Event. yippeeee!

We were hired by the daughter of this amazing couple to plan a 50th Wedding Celebration that her parents deserved. For their party wish list they only wanted 2 things 1) Drinking AND 2) Dancing. And drink and dance they did…LOTS of it! 
Reary and Bob’s story of how they married and how they spent the past 50 years is so inspiring. You can tell they are in love and that love permeated through the entire room. There were more hugs and kisses in that room than all of my other events combined. It was an amazing feeling. I left the room feeling like a kid leaving home for college for the first time. I knew I had to go but not sure I was ready to leave BUT I knew I will see them again. 
Moral of this event: You are NEVER too old to have a GOOD time! 

3.  Team JasLo  
Jasmine is a photographer (and a very good one) and after my first meeting I was determined to work with her professionally. Never did I imagine that our first professional working relationship would be that of planner (me) / client (her). Jasmine did an amazing job on her Rainbow Wedding but needed someone to help her in the home stretch. Enter JunePlumm Events. My biggest challenge of the planning process was getting my bride to let go and let me take over the stress and details. BUT she did and had a GREAT time at her wedding ( yayyyyy #T9).  Aloysius and Jasmine is that rare great couple you read about in books because of how they compliment and balance each other VERY well. I am blessed to have met them and look forward to a long friendship. Now…back to resuming my plot to work with her as planner/photographer.

 4.  Casino Royale: Autasia’s Sweet 16
Every time I sat down to talk with Veronica (Ronnie) and Autasia it was 75% laughter and 25% business. I think Ronnie has missed her calling and should have been a comedian. Together we planned a Royale Casino-themed Sweet 16 for a well rounded, uber fabulous, 16 year old fashionista who was every bit deserving of this fabulous affair with flair. And I had a great time doing it. I miss them terribly, especially Ronnie’s commentary of which I will NOT repeat on my blog…let’s just say you had to be there. LOL. Even months after her event I continue to tell Ronnie that she is stuck with me now and I am saving a space on my planning calender to plan her wedding. Now THAT will be an EXTRA EXTRA Special even that i will NOT miss!

5.  Rumble in the Jungle  
Shevon and Kevin’s Jungle themed baby shower.  Planning was smooth sailing however we did experience a little bump in the road when mommy went into early and very traumatic labor. For a minute there we wasn’t even sure if the event would happen on the scheduled date. But it did and the new mommy of a CUUUUUUTE baby boy sashayed into her baby shower in her fabulous shoes and excitement ( and I’m sure a little pain) plastered on her face. She was so grateful for the event and even daddy was pleasantly surprised with what he saw (whew…I was worried for a minute).

6.  La CirQue: Lacquasia’s Sweet 16
Sigh SO many good memories with this family.  To date this has been JunePumm Events most popular event. There has been so many positive reactions to the pictures and the theme that I am still shocked. In hindsight, maybe MTV should have been called… LOL. 
Mom (Natasha) is AH-mazing and deserves an award for being mother of the year. Daughter (Laquasia) is sweet as pie and she too deserved every bit of this celebration. I had an amazing time working with this team of strong, smart and beautiful women so much that the hardest part of planning was the fact that it is now over. I would do it all over again in a heartbeat because they are just great to work with.

Talk about the little wedding that could. First the wedding was scheduled on the date of a major hurricane and had to be rescheduled to two weeks later. THEN two days before the rescheduled date we found out the venue closed down. BUT with all the DRAMA that we went through the event turned out better than ever. And seeing the smiles on my clients face when they were FINALLY able to celebrate was victory! I had a LARGE glass of bubbly when I reached home after this one. Whew!

8.  Team MarJay  
If a destructive car accident on the highway that detained many of our bridal party wasn’t enough, we also had to deal with rain for an outdoor wedding and cocktail hour. Le sigh! But one…no…two monkey don’t stop no show.  The show went on well into the night. Marcia and J.J’s wedding turned out to be just what the doctor ordered. Fun, Festive and Full of Laughs. I can’t wait to see the professional pictures from this wedding because Marcia made an absolutely stunning bride.

9.  FINALLY taking my promo shots. I have had this on my to-do list with my photographer (Justin ifill-Forbes Photgraphy) for about 2 years now and I finally got around to setting aside some time to get it done. I tell you, this shoot gave me more respect for models. Standing, smiling and frolicing in the hot Brooklyn sun for 4 hours is NOT my idea of fun and easy work. I mean who really frolic’s these days? well I guess I did…and I am glad becuase it made for some really great shots THANKS JUSTIN! I promise I wil be a lot less whiny for the next shoot *bbm big grin*

10.  Having the opportunity to experience more amazing moments with YOU in 2012! BRING IT ON BABY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

What it’s all about…

This has been a really challenging year. I mean reeeeeally challenging year. But isn’t that what life is about? You have your good, your bad, your ups, your downs, your easy goings and your challenges. So as challenging as it may have been I know it isn’t more than I can handle. And on this upcoming Thanksgiving holiday I stand (okay well sit) before you and profess that I am thankful for all life has afforded me. I am thankful for the good, the bad, the ups, the downs, the easy goings and the challenges. I am equally thankful for:
  • God: He never leaves my side
  • My family: For being as loud and as loving as only they can be
  • My new goddaughter: For being so darn cute
  • YOU…my readers, supporters and friends: For taking this journey with me
  • The “anonymous” reader: For those encouraging comments on my blog posts
  • My Mac: Lord knows I needed an upgrade
  • My clients, past present and future: For entrusting their most special day to JunePlumm Events
  • Opportunity: Because every challenge presents a new one
  • Tomorrow: Another opportunity to be reminded of how much I have to be thankful for
Celebrate and Enjoy!

Parties: Happy One Year…

Blogiversary to… US.

One year ago today JunePlumm Events launched our blog “A Little Bit A’ This” and could not be any prouder of how it’s grown and all the friends it has helped us meet along the way. So in honor of our blogiversary, we will be taking this week to re-post some of our inaugural posts for you (just in case you missed it).

THANK YOU very much for being a huge support of our blogging platform and look forward to celebrating our two year blogiversary with you.


Planning: I’m baaaaaack…

HAPPY NEW YEAR friends,….did you miss me:). I trust you all have had a marvelous holiday/ vacation and are back in full swing with your every day activities. I am so excited to have returned from a vacation (extended) and are eager to get rolling with what promises to be an exciting and prosperous 2KX (2010). So to bring you in the loop of how I spent my holiday,



and some…

and also…

But, because I was so busy with the…

I didn’t get to enjoy the…

but certainly took advantage of all the…

(pssst…those are juneplums)

I then returned home and got…

which required me to get lots of …

but now I am all…

and ready to get started on the NEW YEAR, NEW GOALS and NEW OPPORTUNITIES.

Planning: My Many Thanks…

  1. God: Who strengthens me in all my days and nights
  2. My Mom: for blessing me with the gift of creativity and entertaining
  3. My 96 Year Old Grandmother: For showing me the true meaning of strength
  4. Family: By sticking together always
  5. Blogger: For giving me a platform to communicate
  6. Red Velvet Cupcakes: Cause who doesn’t love them
  7. Twitter: For connecting me with so many fabulous industry leaders, movers and shakers
  8. Handbags/Pocketbooks/Purses: Whatever you call it, it keeps all my stuff together
  9. Stilettos: Because everyone looks better with a little lift
  10. Bling: Shiny is always better
  11. Patience: Without it I would be lost
  12. The Ability To Multi-task: Without it I would be lost
  13. The Ability To Work Well Under Pressure: Without it I would be lost (see a pattern here)
  14. Jamaica: My place of birth and where I will be in a few weeks…yippeee
  15. The Wedding Planner I met 3 years ago: Because she taught me how NOT to act
  16. My Friends: Because they believed & believe in me when I sometimes find it hard to believe in myself
  17. My Cousins: For allowing me to help/completely take over EVERY single event they try to host (tee hee)
  18. The Color Chartreuse: Because it is sooooo pretty
  19. My Car: It takes me from point A to point B
  20. My Ability To Laugh: It makes the day
  21. My Brides: Your continued trust keeps me & JunePlumm Events alive
  22. My Soon-to-be Launched Website: Because it’s sooooooo Fabulous
  23. Facebook: For keeping me connected
  24. The Roof Over My Head: It provides shelter
  25. Money: Ahhm, do I even need to elaborate
  26. You: You make me excited to post knowing you are reading

…and much much more. HAPPY THANKSGIVING

What are you thankful for this year?

*image courtesy of The Daily Balance