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Planning: Friday For The Fellas: Pucker Up!

Many times I have witnessed a quizzical look on a groom’s face after being told “I now pronounce you man and wife, you may now kiss your bride“. It’s the look that says, but her dad is watching. Or, should I lean into the right and tilt her head, should I put my arm around her waist first then pull her close, should I just dive in and slip her the tongue, or I wonder if I have time for a breath mint?…That look.

So I asked one of the grooms why he looked so puzzled and he confided in me that he was concerned about the “quality” of his kiss. He further clarified that he never gave it much thought prior to the wedding day, but at THAT moment all he could think about was doing it right.

So, just in case there are any other fellas having that thought cross your mind at the “Big Moment”, the answer is very simple. However long you kiss, however deep your kiss, however way you kiss, the only thing that matters is that your kiss reads like one thousand I love yous.

courtesy of Charlotte Geary Photography

Pretty Little Things: Fridays For the Fellas: Put A Clip On It

Let’s face it, you have spent and will continue to spend thousands of dollars on your wedding and now you are trying to narrow down your bridal party gifts. You are extremly cost conscious but you don’t want to seem cheap either. While the options for your bridesmaids are in abundance, it is usually the groomsmen gift that you feel stumped on. My favorite go-to-option for a groomsman gift is a money clip. No surprise there huh. I know it might seem so common but they come in so many differnt varieties that it just works. Check out these options for money clips:

A Perfect Wallet:

Things Remembered:

Hey why re-invent the wheel if it works find just the way it is:)

Pretty Little Things: Fridays for the Fellas – Boutonniere

I know I am guilty of this myself but women seem to get all the love at weddings. They get the bling, the dress, the flowers and the attention. And what do the fellas get a suit and a boutonniere. You know the little rose bud with babies breath. Picture it, I will give you a minute………… yeah boring huh. A red rose and babies breath?…(shivers). Long gone are those days, now the fellas are getting some well needed shine and the boutonniere is actually a staple that you WANT to pay attention to.

Take a look at these stunners ( no babies breath here):

You go Fellas!!!


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Pretty Little Things: Friday for the Fellas – Cakes

Are you having a grooms cake? Do you think it is even necessary? I am still teetering on this one. When you think about the cost of the entire wedding this might be one area of the overall budget that may suggest you pause on, BUT if you are doing great on the budget or there is no budget then it is a great addition to the wedding roster. Especially when the grooms cake is a reflection of the grooms hobby, a play on an inside joke or just a reflection of one of his favorites. Take a look at some creative grooms cakes:

Courtesy of

Courtesy of Cake Channel:

Courtesy of Grooms Advice:

Did you have a grooms cake at your wedding? If so what was it?