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Planning: What We are Pinning

Are you Pinning? I am…Take a look at some of JunePlumm Event’s favorite pins for the week:

Gowns board

Gowns board

Favors board

Bouquet board

Yummies board

Gowns board

Bouquets board

Decor board

Decor board

What are you pinning?

Pretty Little Things: Blooming Beauties

It’s spring time in New York, and aside from the weather being completely bipolar it is a great time for some pretty blooms. And because of this bipolar weather ( I’m not complaining) we are starting to see some of our favorite blooms peak earlier than usual. What I am mainly referring to are Cherry Blossoms. Typically we see the heights of these flowery beauties in mid April -May. BUT here we are in March and they are popping up all over the place and completely blanketing homeowners lawns.

Because of the color and fullness they are a favorite of mine for springtime weddings. Here’s why

I love that in a centerpiece it gives you a feel of having an outdoor wedding indoors. And let’s not stop there, cherry blossoms are great for your stationary, cakes as well as favors. So feel free to spread the spring time love throughout your wedding.

Planning: The Other Flower (again)

I often look back at previous blog posts to see what was on my mind in the past. Well in true form I checked my blog to see what I was talking about one year ago today and saw that on September 23, 2009 I was talking about carnations. I have grown very fond of these flowers over the years and every year my admiration for them grows much stronger. I know they do not get as much love as roses, and orchids or other more “fashionable” flowers but a cluster of carnations can make a very beautiful statement.

Take a stroll down memory lane with me and see what we thought of carnations then (and now).
In addition, below are examples of how I have used simple carnations in two recent events.
Photo Courtesy of JIF Photography

Photo Courtesy of GrimDigital

How have you used carnations in your event?

Planning: Aisle Do!

One of the most important parts of a wedding should be the ceremony. Afterall that is when you exchange your vows and officially become husband and wife united in marriage. Before you take your first step to becoming husband and wife, here are some photo inspirations so you make that first step in style:

Courtesy of The Knot

Courtesy of Weddingbee

Courtesy of Australia Entertains

Courtesy of The Knot

Courtesy of Alternative Business Ideas

Courtesy of The Knot

Courtesy of The Knot

Courtesy of Grace Ormande Wedding Style

Courtesy of Grace Armonde Wedding Style

What elements of decor are you considering for your walk down the aisle?

Parties: The Wedding Salon – Novemeber 2, 2009

Last night I had the pleasure of attending the Wedding Salon once again. For those not familiar with The Wedding Salon it is like the Cartier of Bridal shows. Complete with an array of vendors in categories like:

  • Bakeries (Slyvia Weinstock herself was in attendance)
  • Photography/Videography & Cinematography
  • Transportation
  • Wedding Attire (Can you say David Tutera by Faviana)
  • Floral Design
  • Travel & tourism
  • Accessories
  • and the list goes on

In case you missed out, here are some of the things you would have seen:

Customized Wedding Creations

David Tutera by Faviana

For more pictures from The Wedding Salon check out JunePlumm Events’s fan page on FaceBook here. We will be putting up some more pictures later in the day.

Pretty Little Things: Blooms – A Breath of Fresh Flowers

No longer just the “old style” filler flower, Baby’s Breath used on its own can create a fresh looking statement in your event decor. Take a look at some fabulous ways in which you can make Baby’s Breath wow’em in your centerpiece, bouquets and even cake adornments:

Courtesy of Weddingbee

Courtesy of The Knot

Courtesy of Pacific Weddings

Courtesy of Cake That

Photo Credits

Have you ever considered or used Baby’s Breath in your floral decor?

Planning: The “Other” Flower

Don’t pass on carnations just yet. The fact that they are inexpensive should be a good enough reason for you to give it second look…okay maybe a third look. My point is, it doesn’t have to just be the “cheap” flower. When arranged correctly they can be a welcomed addition to your event. Take a look at these inspirations below:

Courtesy of Martha’s Stewart

Courtesy of PD Bloom

Courtesy of Martha’s Stewart

Courtesy of Country Living

Courtesy of The Knot

Courtesy of Biz Bash

Courtesy of Fifty Flowers

Now that you have taken another look at Carnations, would you use it in your event?

Pretty Little Things: Fridays for the Fellas – Boutonniere

I know I am guilty of this myself but women seem to get all the love at weddings. They get the bling, the dress, the flowers and the attention. And what do the fellas get a suit and a boutonniere. You know the little rose bud with babies breath. Picture it, I will give you a minute………… yeah boring huh. A red rose and babies breath?…(shivers). Long gone are those days, now the fellas are getting some well needed shine and the boutonniere is actually a staple that you WANT to pay attention to.

Take a look at these stunners ( no babies breath here):

You go Fellas!!!


Chrysalis Flowers; Academy Florists; Wedding Bee; Petals Floral Design.; Headpiece Heaven; Amazon Flowers;

Planning: The Center of Attention

Looking to spruce up your centerpiece by getting away from your typical clear vase? Your search doesn’t have to be as stressful as you may think. Supermarkets, retail stores, local shops, vintage shops, they are all around you and full of useful vase-like materials. I recently coordinated a wedding where the vision required a “tropical look” and I wanted to stay within those parameters. I was fortunate enough to find exactly what I was looking for in the last place I expected to find it, and when I wasn’t even looking for it. In Marshall’s and Party City. So don’t be hesitant to step outside of your comfort zone and begin sourcing not-so-typical locations for your event inspirations.

Below are a few examples of non-clear vases to jog your creative juice and get you to think outside the box:

Photos Courtesy of The Knot & JunePlumm Events

Pretty Little Things: Blooms – Cherry Blossoms

According to Chinese beliefs, the Cherry Blossoms symbolizes feminine beauty or principal. How accurate as the Cherry Blossom IS a beautiful (yet challenging in it’s natural state) flower. These blossoms can frame words on an invitation as well as be the center of attention for your guest tables. I have always loved to see Cherry Blossoms in any state, tamed via piping on a tiered wedding cake or wild an in it’s natural habitat. Take a look and re-familiarize yourself with the wondrous spring Cherry Blossoms and how it can work it’s way into your special event:




Invite 1: Bella Figura; Invite 2: Wedding Paper Divas ; Invite 3: Elum Designs
Cake 1: Unknown; Cake 2: Unknown ; Cake 3: Unknown
Accent/Favor 1: Super Weddings ; Accent/Favor: My Gracious Goodness
Centuries: Unknown