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Planning: When Wedding Themes Fight Back

So you have a theme. Butterflies, Tiffany & Co, Plains, Trains & Automobiles, Carnival… etc that’s fine. I love a good theme. HOWEVER, for the love of décor and the pupils in everyone’s eyes you DO NOT have to have the theme in EVERYTHING:
  • Invitations
  • Linens
  • Centerpieces
  • Favors
  • Clothes
  • Hair accessories
  • Food
  • Napkins,
  • Specialty drink
  • Chair
  • Chair Accessories
  • Lighting
…catch my drift? No? Well look at it this way, let’s say you are having a Tiffany & Co. themed wedding. WELL. don’t get:
  • Tiffany Blue table linen
  • Tiffany Blue napkins
  • Tiffany Blue chargers
  • Tiffany Blue ( dyed) flowers – they don’t grow this color
  • Tiffany Blue menu
  • Tiffany Blue diamond ribbon for décor EVERYWHERE ( because it’s classy)
  • Tiffany Blue chair cushion
  • Tiffany Blue chair sash
  • Tiffany Blue table number
  • Tiffany Blue votives
  • Tiffany Blue uplighting
Can you picture that? No really, close your eyes and try, i’ll wait……………………..……………………… hurts doesn’t it! NOW if you do something like:
  • Tiffany Blue linen
  • White napkins
  • Clear/Mirrored chargers
  • White flowers
  • White Menu with the typeface or details in Tiffany Blue
  • Black chiavari chair with white chair cushion ( why black you ask? Well.. why not. mix it up a little)
  • Tiffany Blue color table number with white details
  • Silver mercury or plain sheer votives
  • Hurricane Candles
  • Burn the Tiffany Blue diamond wrap
  • Tiffany Blue Gift box Favor
  • Amber up lighting and switch to Tiffany Blue for the tun up time.
Go ahead picture it. I’ll wait……………………..…………………………………………………………….. you see the difference. Hurts less doesn’t it.
You can get your point across without the overkill. A little bit here and a little bit there goes a long long loooooooooong way. So take it easy on the theme and the theme will be very good to you. Trust me on this:)
Happy Planning:)
Imagine By: AMG Fotography

Pretty Little Things: I Now Pronounce You Mr. & Mrs…

Your wedding day is fast approaching and isn’t it cute to celebrate going from Mr. & Ms to Mr. & Mrs. than to personalize little details showcasing that you have now crossed over into Mrs.’dom.

Here are a few ways that YOU you can strut your Mr. & Mrs. stuff (before and after the wedding):

Note cards


Towel set
Ring Bowl

Shoe Decals

Forks (one of my faves)
Swarovski Crytstal Signs

What’s your pick?

*all photos courtesy of Etsy*

Planning: The Outdoor Wedding

The weather is warming up and more and more wedding ceremonies are moving outdoors. GREAT! But as the weather heats up so will your guests, so keep them comfortable and consider adding one or two of these to help shield the sunshine:

  • Sunglasses: Especially if you don’t mind the cool factor
  • Fans: Unless your ceremony program doubles as a fan, give your guest some fans to help keep them cool and breezy. There are so many fan options so I am sure you can find one to compliment that style and colors of your wedding
  • Draping: You can still keep your ceremony outdoorsy and still block some of the sun with light organza draping. it’s also keeps your ceremony space feeling intimate but NOT small
  • Parasols: Too big a parasol could be distracting to your other guests but at the right size it could provide allot of shade (and they are too cute)
  • Plan Ahead: The hottest times of the day is usually around 3pm. So plan your outdoor ceremony earlier in the day before the sun begins to peak and is at it’s warmest, or later when it is on it’s way to cool down mode.
  • Communicate: Either word of mouth, on your wedding website or carefully worded on your invite, let your guests know that your ceremony will be outdoors. This way your guests will arrive knowing they will be in the sunshine and will dress accordingly. 
  • Bottle Water: Take it one step further and personalize them with your logo, picture or a fun message

Sure your ceremony may be short but 20 minutes can feel like 20 hours if you are hot and uncomfortable. And remember…your guests aren’t the only ones baking in the sun YOU are too. Considering the style and weight of your bridal gown, you may be more uncomfortable than they are.  So plan ahead and make it easier on you and your guests.

Sunglasses: Credit

Planning: If the Sock Fits!

Your bridesmaids have been really good to you throughout your engagement. They have been supportive, they didn’t complain about wearing the same lime green taffeta dress with flower applique in every color in the rainbow (with a rainbow pin in their hair). They showed up on time to every rehearsal for your “Beat It” specialty dance routine. No one had a problem spending 200+ on matching shoes. Everyone shoes up to your 2 bridesmaids meeting per month. They dried your tears when you cried because the florist put pink roses instead of blush roses in the floral mock-up. Face it, they have been saints! And now you want to thank them but your not sure how.

Here are some ideas:

  • Jewelry: Do I even need to elaborate on why.
  • PJ’s: Cute ones of course,  with bridal party socks (it ups the cute factor)
  • Spa Gift Certificate: After 8+ months of being your personal b*t… ah mean “helper” don’t you think they deserve it
  • A Gift Certificate: To their favorite restaurant (even if that favorite restaurant is Red Lobster…where applicable)
  • A Clutch Purse: To hold their lipstick, cell phone and blot powder for the wedding day. Nothing big, just something small, cute and that can be used for multiple occasions.
  • A Kindle: such a great gift. And with some many colors, you might be able to find one with a coordinating color to your wedding.
  • Personalize MP3 Player. Personalize it with her name, “Best Bridesmaid” or the wedding date. Get creative with it
  • Personalized Stationary: And then write a personal “Thank YOU” note on the first sheet.
  • Her favorite “__________” (fill in the blank): I’m assuming, because you put her in your bridal party you know her. You know her likes, loves, and dislikes. So get her her favorite wine: if she’s a wine drinker, Magazine subscription: if she’s an avid reader of a particular mag and just hasn’t gotten around to subscribing yet,  Chocolates: if she has an insatiable sweet tooth. The point is pick something you know she will appreciate and appeals to her as an individual AND something that is different for each member of the bridal party. It will make her feel special that you really put some thought into it.

If you get your girls a few small items, put them together in a personalized or a Bridesmaids tote. Presentation is just as important as the gift itself.

*NOTE: Don’t go overboard on the gifts if t is a financial hardship. a GREAT gift doesn’t have to be expensive. Make a budget and stick to it. if they are your REAL friends they will appreciate the gesture and be eternally grateful for it!


Planning: A Block of Color

If you are that trendy bride that likes to make a statement then this may be for you.

The hottest trend right now is neon colors/color blocking. For the 80’s babies this is just a blast from the past so you may be thinking this isn’t new at all. And you’re right it isn’t new, however it’s foray into the wedding industry isn’t common at all so let’s run with it shall we. This colorful statement has always been a love of mine (I love the bright extra pop of color) so I would encourage that if you are THIS bride then ROCK out to it!

Consider showcasing your trendiness into your wedding by keeping it simple-ish. Here me out. You don’t have to have EVERY aspect of your wedding in neon colors. As a matter of fact..please DO NOT make every aspect of your wedding neon. That is a headache for you and your guests waiting to happen. Instead, infuse a few items with this colorful trend: For instance

NEON: cake, shoes, bridesmaids dress, linens, flowers, wedding gown sash and gloves, stationary = *bbm angry face*

NEON: shoes, bridesmaids dress, brides bouquet, stationary, favors = *bbm smiley face*

A little bit goes a looooooooong way and makes a bigger statement! Besides, you want to love your wedding today tomorrow and for years to come. Not look back on it and say what the hell was I thinking!

SO, are you THIS bride?

Pretty Little Things: Heel Condoms

I find some of my best information and products while perusing FB and today is no different. Look at this cute item I found which would make an AWESOME gift for your bridesmaids. Heel Condoms! Yeah… I had the same reachtion when I saw it. Think of it as a bra with removable straps that you can make strapless, criss cross, one strap or several other ways. EXCEPT it’s for your shoe.  Take a look at this youtube video I found on facebook (necolebitchie) and see how it works:

The site, has many other types of shoe adornments to choose from. Here are some of my faves:

I love the concept that you can make your existing favorite shoe new again by slipping on of these heel condoms. I don’t know about you, but I totally see these in my future!

Pretty Little Things: Light The Way

I found these cute votives on my favorite site to find everything and then some…ETSY. They are crystal filled glass votive jars.
I see these cute little items (that you can also find in different color adornments) lining the aisle in an outdoor ceremony or as decor for a window panes for those venues with large windows
Too cute!

Planning: Bet they can’t eat just one!

The candy station has been around for a while now and I have a feeling it is going no where soon. But do you know that you can pretty much take any favorite sweet or treat and turn it into a fun festive station for your guests. If you would like to implement a special station at your next event dare to venture outside the box and turn your favorite treat into a station your guest will dig and that is different from the norm. If you need a little bit of mind jogging, consider these:

  • Popcorn: You can offer different flavors like caramel, kettle corn, plain, or buttered flavor. Or you can choose and variety of colored popcorn. You do know you can find them in a variety of colors don’t you? Oh and don’t forget to offer up cute popcorn cups or boxes to go along with it as well.
  • Cookies: offer your favorite variety of flavors like oreos, chocolate chip, hazelnut,peanut butter…the varieties are endless
  • Donuts: YES I said donuts. Serve up your favorite. You can offer your favorite flavors of glazed, sprinkled, filled, chocolate, etc. Or you can use the donut minis for a light treat. If you go this route, try pairing it with a mini milk bar or flavored coffee’s for an EXTRA treat
  • Chips: Bet they can’t eat just one. Try plain, cheddar, sour cream and chives, ketchup, cheese or you can try a variety of veggie flavored chips for a healthier sampling.
  • Tropical Drinks: Try a station and encourage guests to mix and match. Varieties can include mango, pineapple, guava, orange, papaya. Great option if you are having a dry wedding and want to bring in a tropical flair to the evening
  • Nachos & Dip: do you know how many different types of dips there are…TONS.. Pick your favorites and have samplers in mini cups. Don’t forget to make sure each flavor is clearly labeled.
  • Incorporate a variety of treats popular to your culture. E.g: Are you Jamaican (like I am) Then try to offer treats like, tambrind balls, paradise plum, busta, drops, greatercake. The options are endless and it will be awesome for your guests to enjoy the treats you and your family grew up on
There are so many options for you and your event. Don’t shy away from making it personal to your likes. And if you STILL can’t think of one, they use your favorite candies and group them by either, color, era, or just use a variety and have your guests go to town.

Planning: Music To Your Ears

CD’s continue to be a very popular favor option. As they should be, they can say “Thank You” to almost any event. And with so many ways of personalizing, you can make each one very special for your event. Take a look at some ways, you can create your CD favors for different events:

Baby Showers:

  • compile a cd of songs that have baby in the title
  • compile a CD of songs that have the gender in the title
  • compile a CD of lullaby’s
  • compile a CD of songs that incorporate the theme of the baby shower


  • compile a CD of songs you intend to play at your wedding
  • compile a CD of traditional wedding songs
  • compile a CD of songs that you and your honey have danced to
  • compile a CD of songs that tie in the theme of your wedding
  • compile a CD of popular songs from the year/month you your honey met
  • compile a CD of popular songs from your favorite genre of music

“Other” Celebrations:

  • compile a CD of your favorite party songs
  • For a milestone Birthday, compile a CD of the top songs from your birth year
  • For children’s birthday’s, compile a CD of children songs from a popular kids shows

And to top it off, you can adorn your CD favor with decorative CD holder, ribbons, fancy labels…the options are endless. Are you planning on using a CD for your next event?

Planning: What’s on Your Wish List

It’s almost the end of October, which to me means Christmas is right around the corner. If you are like me and have a huge family I prepare my Christmas list in August and begin operation shopping immediately thereafter. I find this method extremely helpful as it gives me time to pace myself and not get stuck on those annoying can-you-ring-any-slower registers. Sigh. Prepping early also this leaves me time to get the family and friend out the way, so i can focus on buying the grand-daddy present for …you name it MEEEEE.

I haven’t quite narrowed down what I am buying myself for Christmas yet but now instead of keeping a spreadsheet of fabulous maybes i stumble upon, I will keep track of them on Wishpot.

In case you haven’t noticed (on the sidebar of my blog), I am now a Wedding Expert on Wishpot. A super fabulous site where you can create and keep track of your own wish list of items you must have, should get, or recommend other’s get. Oh and how interesting would it be if you create a wish list of things you must have and it “accidentally” ends up into your special someones in-box. Say it with me, “oh my, how did that get there” (tee hee).

Run, don’t walk over to Wishpot and take a look at a few of JunePlumm Events’ wish lists prepared for clients and passers-by of some of my fave picks. My lists will be evolving so keep checking. I find fabulous things all the time and now I am GLAD I have a place to keep track of them all.

What’s on your Wish list?