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Planning: Give me a Ring!

It’s April, THE most sparkling month of the year. I mean any month that has diamond as the birthstone has got to be the most awesometastic! And I’m NOT just saying that because my birthday is tomorrow (4 – 28)…nope, not at all. So in honor of my birth…I mean April. let’s dedicate this post to my favorite topic…DIAMOND Rings. More specifically for the bride. (I’ll tell you why later):

Which finger is the “Ring Finger”:

  • The ring finger is on the LEFT hand
  • Second finger in from the pinkie. Third finger in from the thumb (4th if you count the thumb as a “finger”…as I do)
  • Why this finger: Old tales believed that *the vein in this finger is directly connected to the heart and thus became a symbol of love #awwwwwww

The Engagement Ring…the BIG BLING:

  • Placed on “ring finger” until the wedding day
  • Etiquette states you don’t flash/flaunt the engagement ring until after the engagement has been officially announced
  • Reality says: flash it, flaunt it, love it, admire it. It’s yours bask in the beauty (don’t tell them i said that)

The Wedding’s OFFICIAL:
  • Prior to vows: your engagement ring is placed on the right hand
  • Post vows: After your wedding band is placed on the “ring finger” you return the engagement ring to the left hand ring finger
  • Typically: the wedding band is on the inside (or closest to the hand) and the engagement ring is placed on the outside of the wedding band (closest to the nail)
The Anniversary Ring
  • Can be worn on the right hand or on the ring finger along with your wedding band and engagement ring. It’s your ring. Do what makes you comfortable
  • When is it appropriate to give an anniversary ring: The better question is when ISN’T it appropriate to give an anniversary ring. It is never too early or too late to show your appreciation with bling
NOW, WHY this post: Most of this information may seem like common knowledge but it isn’t be it fear, forgetfulness, or a shoulder shrug, I get asked most of these questions ALLOT. Enough for me to write a post about it. So just in case you were one of the many that wanted to know…your welcome:)

Quote: Courtesy of Wikipedia
Photo: Courtesy of De Beers

Planning: Team Tadjerie – How They Love

Let me tell you about my super duper amazing clients Team Tadjerie:

SHE: is all about the bright colors
HE: is all about the dark blue
SHE: loves Carnival in Trinidad and Tobago
HE: loves playing pool in Brooklyn
SHE: is sexy
HE: is cool
SHE: talks allot
HE: is a man of few words
SHE: can’t stand smoking
HE: loves a good cigar
THEY: can’t wait to be married on July 28, 2012 in Woodbury, NY and I can’t wait to share these details with you. BUT… until then, here are some pics from their engagements session.

…to be continued

Locations: Dumbo & Slate NYC
Make-up Artist: Robin Lynn Artistry