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Parties: The Destination Wedding of Natasha and Brendon

There is no better way to spend Sunday’s than perusing beautiful wedding eye candy. So today I want to share with you a VERY special wedding taken place in Tobago. The absolutely stunningly beautiful sister island to Trinidad and a MUST visit for you lovers and aficionado’s of beautiful beaches. This NY/NJ couple topped off the annual Trinidad and Tobago carnival festivities by saying I DO in front of friends and family members in Tobago. I’d say they had the time of their lives…

Tobago is a MUST visit

Isn’t she Stunning

*High Five* for a fantastic job planning your Destination Wedding Natasha. I wish you both many more days and nights of happiness.

For more pics from this beautiful Tobago wedding, check the Photographer’s Facebook Fan Page Here

Down De Isle: Caribbean Wedding Music – 1, 2, 3, 4…Palaance

This next tune is PERFECT to get your party started. If you don’t know this song…WHERE HAVE YOU BEEN. In the Soca world this song is boss. Now many of us/you are probably tired of hearing it but come on…admit it, when you hear it you can’t help but to jump and put your hands up. This is easily the new “Who let the dogs out” and the new “Electric Slide”.

If you have no idea what I am talking about, take a listen and a look:

Oh, and did I mention there is a dance (every good wedding song has to have one):

One of the factors into making a Caribbean wedding A Caribbean wedding is the energy. And this song will certainly bring it out of you and your guests. Palance and enjoy!

Down De Isle: Who Let The Dogs Out – Caribbean Wedding Music

In keeping with our Down Di Aisle series in which we feature Caribbean inspired wedding and event information and details, we will be putting you on a to some tunes that you can play at your event to get your party started, keep the party going, get you down de aisle or just enhance the wedding mood.

Today we are sharing with you this song:

Who Let The Dogs Out“. I am sure you all have heard it and seen the video. BUT did you know that it before the Baha Men made this song popular it was originally a soca song co-written and recorded by Anslem Douglas.

Take a listen:

This is a GREAT song to keep your party going. Especially since it has so much cross over appeal, your Caribbean and Non-Caribbean guests will know exactly what to do. Get up, dance…and don’t forget bark.

NOTE: For you brides/grooms that love your pups and are including them in the wedding, why not preface their little strut down de aisle with Who Let The Dogs Out. *wink*

Down De Isle: A View From Up Top

I had the pleasure of visiting home (Jamaica, WI) for a last minute trip a week ago. Mostly for some family fun and visits but I did sneak a little business in there. A quick venue tour was on the agenda. I took tons of pictures that I am still trying to sort through but for now I will leave you with these two:

Views of Kingston, the capital of Jamaica,  all around. 
It was a rainy day but you can still see the capital.
That’s me standing in one of the pools. YES I said standing IN…the pool.
Thanks very much to  Jhennel @ Strawberry Hill for giving me a stellar tour and being so hospitable.

Down De Aisle: Sugar & Spice

I am a Caribbean girl so I may be a bit biased, but who doesn’t love a good Caribbean kick to their menu.  And even if you don’t want an all Caribbean dish you can make slight touches to your favorite foods to give it a good’ole island kick.   If this is what you are looking for just think Sugar and Spice. What do I mean:

Mangoes are a very common staple amongst many of the Caribbean islands. There are so many kinds or mangoes and the fun is trying to taste them all ( good luck with that). They are great as a free standing fruit or as an added touch to your favorite dish. Ways to incorporate Mangoes into your event:
  • Salads/Salad dressing
  • Mini burgers: yes call it an island burger and add a mango salsa topping
  • Ice-Cream/sorbets: Offer an ice-cream/Sorbet bar at the end of the night 
  • Beverages: Not just for your soft bar. Have you ever had a mango martini – yummmm. Don’t forget to add a small sliver of mango to the glass
  • Cake Flavor or Filling

The islands are all about the rich and potent spices. Take Jamaica for instance, we jerk everything… and you can too. Your spice can vary depending on how tame or potent you want it to be. I for one love spicy food so I can take it like a man but your wedding guests may NOT be so spice friendly. Speak to your caterer or venue director and keep it medium or offer an array or spices so your guest can add what they please. Ways to add spices:

  • Any plated meat for your main course: chicken, beef, pork
  • Seafood: This is where having individual dipping choices may come in handy. Try grilled shrimp on skewers and have 3 choices of jerk dipping sauce (little spice, medium spice and so help me God)
  • Mini Sliders: Jerk burgers are may favorite and it can be a really great addition to your hors d’oeuvres ( or as an extra treat at the end of the night)
  • Mini Patties can also be a great addition to your hors d’oeuvres. you can offer chicken, beef or even veggie ( with little spice or  very spicy)
See how easy that is. Add a bit of Sugar and Spice and eeeeeverything will be nice.

Planning: Down De Isle – Steel Pan

In case you missed it I am a Caribbean girl at heart. Born on the Island of Jamaica, WI and return every chance I get to feel that beautiful island breeze. Being a Caribbean girl, my personal events always have a flair for the Caribbean, and thus I have thought to share some of my island flair with you, our faithful blog readers.

Fresh off a visit from Carnival in Trinidad, my first option for you is to incorporate the islands into your event is through music. Not just any music, Steel Pan. Take a look (and a listen) …

Think of the reaction from your guests as they are serenaded by the sounds of the steel pan while they enter the ceremony, during cocktail hour or as they enter the reception. Or as a precursor to a DJ for your birthday party or other celebration. It’s fun, festive and a nice change from the norm. Now, this will not work for every event, BUT if you are looking to spruce things up a bit and add a bit of flair, then this may be an option for you to consider.