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Parties: Love On The Mainline

Have you voted for Munaluchi‘s HOTTEST COUPLE of 2012?

My clients “Team Tadjerie” aka Valerie & Tadj have been selected as one of 20 finalists in Munaluchi’s Hottest couple contest. As they should,  they are super duper hot… I mean fire hot, and I’m not just saying that because I have been working with them for almost a year now planning their wedding. I mean they live, sleep, eat and breathe the love they have for each other and it inspires me everyday to know that THIS kind of REAL Love is still exists. It’s wonderfult o be in their presence and I can’t wait to witness them exchange vows this July.

But don’t just take my word for it, read their submission and see for yourself (WARNING: be prepared for some serious sappiness…a tissue handy would be wise):

“With today’s modern technology, Facebook not even love is left to chance. Tadj and I had a mutual friend who felt that we were best suited for each other. Both of us were on facebook and it was our mutual friends’ way of introducing us. As neither of us lived in the same state, what a way to begin and to know each other. I monitored his every comment posted under my update status and he drooled over my uploaded photos. Since this brown sister is a beauty, Tadj wasted no time and dropped a message with phone number and the “call me anytime”…….I called him and this call would change my life forever. After much phone calls and facebook conversation, Tadj who lived in Florida decided to move to New York where I live, to be closer to me. On our first official date he came to my home to meet me. He notice where I lived and ask me how did I feel about living in an apartment under a train-line, I told him the constant running of the subway symbolizes the vibrancy of New York, it is always moving and never stopping except to pick up passengers – a bit like life- and riding the train a person has many destinations to choose from. He smile and held me close, and whispered I hope we can take that train together one day. It was on one of these train rides heading home that he once again whispered, can you ride this train with me forever. My heart sank. I knew what he meant! Now more so than ever I AM READY TO RIDE with my partner for life.”

“Loving You is Easy Because…: Tadj is the most resilient person that I know. Seven (7) years ago Tadj got shot and now holds a bullet lodge in his head unable to be surgically removed; he was told he has no more than two (2) years to live. He then and now continues to fight for life five years (5) later. He reminds me how strong he is, how determine he is, how forgiving he is, how inspiring he is and how he holds so much love for life and tons for the people around us, a gentle reminder of why we should cherish in the moment. I admire, adore and respect him for that and for this “loving him is EASY” in the now and forever. Val’s energy is positive, uplifting, and vibrant and her faith is steadfast and never fading. I deeply admire and respect her for her will to infinitely and genuinely extend a loving hand and heart to others – family, friend and even strangers. This coupled with the constant smile on her face, she is always a pleasure to be around 

and even more reason for me to live – she is indeed easy to love.”

(courtesy of Munaluchi Bridal Magazine – FB)
See… I told you HOT right! 
So if you agree with me that they are indeed to HOTTEST couple, go ahead and vote:
  • Go to Munaluchi’s Facebook Page  HERE ( shame on you if you aren’t already a fan…they are a fantastic bridal magazine for the bride that craves culture and style) 
  • click on the “Hot Couple Contest” button
  • make sure you accept the app
  • and look for Valerie & Tadj “Love on the Mainline. 
  • and click VOTE
  • complete these steps ( minus the accepting the hottest couple app) EVERYDAY until May 20th
  • and give yourselves a hug from me for helping to bring Team “Love on the Mainline” one step (or one vote) closer to winning the honeymoon of their dreams
Thanks in advance for your vote!