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Planning: 6 Reasons You May Not Be A DIY Bride

I envy those people that get excited at the thought of picking up a tool or thingy or thingamajig or whodat or whatdowehavehere in the attempt to recreate an item that they have seen on Pinterest but refuse to buy because they can do it better. KU-DOS!!! I am NOT-THE-ONE. THERE…I said it…whew, what a load off ! There is a time and place for everything and while I commend those that have the patience and energy for it…JunePlumm Events does not for a number of reasons:

1) I just don’t want to

2) DIY isn’t always the easiest route. If you are like me, no patience for the perfectionism that it takes to create or recreate that totally awesome Pinterest thingy that you MUST have. Then it will drive you insane if it doesn’t come out EXACTLY as you have seen online. CAUTION…BEWARE…DO NOT PASS GO!

3) DIY isn’t always the cheapest option. Items purchased in bulk are typically more affordable than those purchased one here and one there. So unless this is something the is being created or recreated on a consistent basis the cost per product will be more. Not to mention if you do not have a wholesale ID affording you the option to get these items at a cost savings then…$$$$$$$

4) DIY takes patience and time. Nobody one talk to me… no one even think about breathing as I attempt to stripe this vase. Yeah… doesn’t sound fun to me either. I just grew another grey hair remembering that time that I tried to… you know what, I wont go there. Let’s move on

5) I just don’t want to

6) See #’s 1 and 5

AGAIN: Let me be clear, I APPLAUD those that are DIY’ers but it is completely okay if you are not the one. So brides, understand that while planners may have a love for most things wedding, it does not mean that everyone of us want to recreate it ourselves. There are vendors out there that have built up the skill (and patience) to handle these items in bulk and for a fraction of the cost that it would cost your planner to do it themselves. So yeah… it’s not a fun project for everyone.
DISCLAIMER: While I am not into DIY I will spray paint the heck out of anything. Oh yeah, and I’m mean with it too.
Photo: Courtesy of Pinterest

Parties: A Date with William & Kate

YES!…I was one of those that set my alarm for 4:00am (EST) to join in the hooplah that was the marriage of William & Kate, The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge. Why? Because I’m a hopeless sap and not to mention I’m a wedding planner and this IS a wedding right? And the Duke & Duchess are friends in my head and like a true friend I wouldn’t miss it for the world. The overall event was long but very grand as any Royal’s event should be. My favorite parts were:
  • How beautiful Kate looked in her Sarah Burton for Alexander McQueen gown. Accented with a Cartier tiara and a gorgeous transparent veil. She looked stunning!
  • When Prince Harry turned to look back at Kate walking in and leaned over to William to whisper in his ear. I don’t know what was said but I could only imagine from bro to bro he said ” you did good”
  • When Prince William leaned into his bride and said “you look beautiful”…sighhhhhh
  • How hard it was to get Kate’s ring on her finger. hey… NO wedding is perfect. It is just Perfect for YOU!
  • The kiss (s)…nuff said
  • How much Prince William’s demeanor reminded me of his mother Princess Diana (RIP)
  • The sea of hats…from grand to grandeur to OMG..that’s a hat!
  • The little flower girls reminiscent of the wedding of Prince Charles and Princess Diana
  • Pippa looking fabulous in her ivory satin based crepe dress by Sarah Barton for Alexander McQueen.
  • How overall happy they look
I wish William & Kathe, the Duke & Duchess of Cambridge a long happy and prosperous marriage. and Thank you so much for allowing us all a front row seat
Pssst…William, your mom is SO proud of you!

Parties: The Biggest Winners

JunePlumm Events would like to extend a very special shout-out to Nicole Brewer and Damien Gurganious who tied the knot on August 16, 2009 in NYC’s Renaissance of ­Astoria Hall. Nicole looked amazing in Amsale, while her groom stunned them in his Calvin Klein tux and WE couldn’t be happier for them.

As Nicole and Damien begin what I am sure to be a blessed union, we wish that they continue to smile, laugh, love and stay The Biggest Winners!!!

Photo courtesy of US Magazine

Parties: I Do…Part Deux

On April 25, 2009…
Heidi Montag and Spencer Pratt made their Mexican nuptials official by marrying…AGAIN…but supposedly for real this time, in Pasadena, CA at the Westminster Presbyterian Church. The bride wore a gorgeous Monique Lhullier strapless ball gown with an overlay of silk organza peacock feathers. The gown also featured a Swarovski crystal and pearl embellished sash. To finish her look the bride wore a beaded chapel-length veil 1.5 to 2 million worth in platinum and diamond Neil Lane jewels.

And an oh-so-fabulous venue in Venice, Italy, the always stunning Salma Hayek re-newed her Valentines Days vows to French mogul Francois-Henry Pinault in a weekend full of wedding activities beginning with a carnival themed masked ball. The bride, looking gorgeous as usual, wore a gown with a silver beaded bodice by Nicolas Ghesquiere for Balenciaga and carried bouquet of orchids and stephanotis with crystals. The nuptials were exchanged at Venice’s Teatro La Fenice Opera House

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