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Parties: The Bride Said ‘NO’

How hilarious (okay well maybe not so hilarious) is it that a nervous groom worked up the nerves to propose to his girlfriend that he wants to spend the REST of his life with and she, in all her excitement says:


No, i’m not kidding. My bride said NO. hahahahahaha. I can laugh now because I know they exchanged vows but when I heard the story I clutched my pearls. It seems she was so excited and nervous and excited… and did I say EXCITED she barely heard a word he said and instead of shouting YES ( which I assumed she meant) she said NO. Luckily the groom finally got his yes (I think) and they were married on May 4, 2017 in a Harlem Renaissance themed affair. I will share lots more on this story later but for now I leave you with one of my favorite pictures from this beautiful wedding:

And please, allow me to thank the wonderful partners that made it possible to pull of this amazing wedding:

Teamwork makes the Dream Work

Planning: 50 Shades of Marise – A Beautiful Birthday Party In Brooklyn

The first day I met Marise I was immediately attracted to her spirit and that infectious laugh of hers. So I was very excited to sit and chat with her one evening so she can tell me all about how she wanted to celebrate her 50th Birthday. She loves travel, Girl Scouts and designer bags…EMPHASIS on the designer bags. She wanted a black, white and blush black tie party that was fun and festive and showcased her love of… you guessed it, designer bags.

In lieu of having cut outs of purses all over the room we, with the help of LeTrice from LePenn Designs, incorporated some luxury paper with a designer finish, named her tables after her favorite designers and designed a logo so we can create stationary reminiscent of a designer logo bag (think Louis Vuitton with the LV all over the purse – if that makes any sense). Based on her wants, needs and desires we decided to host her Birthday party at Giando on the Water. She was sold on the view alone and the parking. If you know anything about Brooklyn, New York you know good parking and venues are unicorns in the hood. We spent over a year fine tuning the details and partnered with a vendor collective that worked beautifully together. I can’t wait to get the pictures back form Amy Anaiz Photography but for now take a peek at a few of my un-professionalphone photos:










Stay tuned for more…

Planning: 6 Reasons You May Not Be A DIY Bride

I envy those people that get excited at the thought of picking up a tool or thingy or thingamajig or whodat or whatdowehavehere in the attempt to recreate an item that they have seen on Pinterest but refuse to buy because they can do it better. KU-DOS!!! I am NOT-THE-ONE. THERE…I said it…whew, what a load off ! There is a time and place for everything and while I commend those that have the patience and energy for it…JunePlumm Events does not for a number of reasons:

1) I just don’t want to

2) DIY isn’t always the easiest route. If you are like me, no patience for the perfectionism that it takes to create or recreate that totally awesome Pinterest thingy that you MUST have. Then it will drive you insane if it doesn’t come out EXACTLY as you have seen online. CAUTION…BEWARE…DO NOT PASS GO!

3) DIY isn’t always the cheapest option. Items purchased in bulk are typically more affordable than those purchased one here and one there. So unless this is something the is being created or recreated on a consistent basis the cost per product will be more. Not to mention if you do not have a wholesale ID affording you the option to get these items at a cost savings then…$$$$$$$

4) DIY takes patience and time. Nobody one talk to me… no one even think about breathing as I attempt to stripe this vase. Yeah… doesn’t sound fun to me either. I just grew another grey hair remembering that time that I tried to… you know what, I wont go there. Let’s move on

5) I just don’t want to

6) See #’s 1 and 5

AGAIN: Let me be clear, I APPLAUD those that are DIY’ers but it is completely okay if you are not the one. So brides, understand that while planners may have a love for most things wedding, it does not mean that everyone of us want to recreate it ourselves. There are vendors out there that have built up the skill (and patience) to handle these items in bulk and for a fraction of the cost that it would cost your planner to do it themselves. So yeah… it’s not a fun project for everyone.
DISCLAIMER: While I am not into DIY I will spray paint the heck out of anything. Oh yeah, and I’m mean with it too.
Photo: Courtesy of Pinterest

Parties: Rion & KC – A Baby Shower fit for a “King”

I sat down with Rion and KC 4 weeks before their babyshower.  They had NO theme, NO venue & NO clue what to do. The only thing they knew was the soon to be born son will be nicknamed “KING”.  Naturally I did what I do with a lot of my couples…brainstorm…and asked “let’s just run down a list of things you both love”:

  • KC: Gold & Gambling

…amongst others. So with a bit more brainstorming and some direction,  we decided on a red and gold Royal King Theme. Take a look at some of the details from this shower:

We had a great time working with Rion and KC and am now pleased to report that baby Kairo (or Cairo) was delivered safely on Friday Novemeber 2, 2012 in Brooklyn, New York.  Mom is a trooper and dad is probably still speachless. I can’t wait to see baby pics:)
And also, THANKS to the following vendors that helped us make this happen:
Planning & Design: JunePlumm Events
Photography: JIF Photography
Venue: Cascades Catering Hall
Cake: BCakeNY
Stationary: Etsy

Your support was tremendously appreciated!

Parties: The Brownstone

Let’s just cut to the chase…this wedding is beauuuuuutiful…

talk about using your space efficiently. LOVE!

What I love most about this wedding, besides the beauty in everything as seen through the lens of Sobitart Photography,  is that the ceremony and reception was at a Brooklyn Brownstone. How fab is that. I mean really…a beautiful couple in a beautiful space having loads of fun. One of those weddings that makes me say “I wish I was there”. Take a look at more of this amazing celebration over at Sobitart Photography’s Blog. FANTASTIC photos Chad!

Photos courtesy of Sobitart Photography

Planning: Team Tadjerie – How They Love

Let me tell you about my super duper amazing clients Team Tadjerie:

SHE: is all about the bright colors
HE: is all about the dark blue
SHE: loves Carnival in Trinidad and Tobago
HE: loves playing pool in Brooklyn
SHE: is sexy
HE: is cool
SHE: talks allot
HE: is a man of few words
SHE: can’t stand smoking
HE: loves a good cigar
THEY: can’t wait to be married on July 28, 2012 in Woodbury, NY and I can’t wait to share these details with you. BUT… until then, here are some pics from their engagements session.

…to be continued

Locations: Dumbo & Slate NYC
Make-up Artist: Robin Lynn Artistry

I Love You Still…: A JunePlumm Event

Takiyah and Rob (or Team Rokiyah as I call them) were officially married on August 12, 2011 in a civil ceremony in the presence of close friends and family (& JunePlumm Events). They were scheduled to have their cocktail wedding reception two weeks later at a private loft in lower Manhattan. Scheduled being the key word here. Unfortunately due to Hurricane Irene they were forced to re-schedule the reception until two weeks later. I can’t begin to tell you how bummed they were since family and friends had already flown into the city to be a part of the celebration. We were fortunate however, all of our vendors were on board to moving the date with NO objections.


Two days before the rescheduled reception, after all the vendors have been confirmed and all the final payments have been made, my bride called and said “Camille, I was just informed that the venue has been closed down and will not be open for our cocktail reception on Saturday…”…WHAT!!!!!!!. Did I mention this was two days before the date. Can I tell you how much I felt Takiyah’s pain and sadness. I mean she was at the point of throwing her hands in the air and saying *#@! it!


I called her back 30 mins later and told her I secured another venue and all of her vendors were on board…AGAIN. So after prayer, excitement, sadness, more prayer, excitement, sadness again, even more praying, hustling, texting, re-organizing and reconfirming we were finally able to celebrate the wedding reception of Takiyah & Robert Thompson. Whew!…

Take a look at the event that almost wasn’t:

I was overjoyed at smiling their smiling faces

WOW…I mean just look at these shoes!

I would be remiss if I didn’t send an EXTRA LARGE thank you to Alex @ TenTon Studios in Brooklyn Navy Yards. When I called him with my clients story he was quick and eager to help out any way he could and I cannot thank him enough.  And to my other vendors:

Catering: Spoonbread
Photography: Justin Ifill-Forbes Photography
Cake: Kellz Cakez
Signage: Flair Designery @ Etsy
Flowers: Marine Florists
Draping: NY Lounge Decor
DJ: DJ Moet
Linen: All Affairs Rental
Favors: Rolling Pin Productions

From the bottom of my heart I want to THANK YOU all for your patience, understanding and for helping to put a permanent smile on the face of my deserving clients. JunePlumm Events puffy hearts you ALL!

And last but certainly NOT least, to Team Rokiyah. I know your marriage will be eternally blessed because no matter what you put God first, only wanted happiness for each other, rose above all the challenges and in the end came out on TOP.

I love you both…keep celebrating!

For more pics check our Fan Page Here

Parties: La CirQue – A JunePlumm Event

I am excited to share with you pictures of a Super Sweet 16 JunePlumm Events had the pleasure of designing and coordinating based on the inspiration of two AMAZING ladies…Natasha & Laquasia.

Natasha and Laquasia came to me with one simple request. They wanted a Sweet 16 that was different from all the other parties they have thrown. And I think we may have accomplished it.
Tell me what you think about this Circus themed Sweet 16 we called: La CirQue
Isn’t she BEAUTIFUL!

And in true fashion, behind every successful event is a HARD WORKING TEAM:
Coordination/Design: JunePlumm Events
Cake: Kakes NYC
Draping/Cabana: NY Lounge Decor
Custom Popcorn Favors: Favors by Dorinda
Window Decal: Ten23 Designs
Candelabra: The Brat Shack
Balloons: Balloon Saloon
Thanks again…for EVERYTHING

Parties: Wedding Crasher’s Brooklyn Style!

Attention Brides…if you are in the NYC area here is a awesome event for you to check out THIS WEEKEND! The event is called Wedding Crashers and it features loads of vendors from my very own Brooklyn. Vendors, from photographers,, videographers, caterers and stationers and the list goes on. The event will be held from 11:00am to 4:00pm at the super cool The Bell House followed by an after party and one of my favorite Brooklyn venues The Green Building.

For more details on this Sunday’s event check out The Brooklyn Based Blog Here.
See ya there!

Parties: Autasia’s Casino Royale – A JunePlumm Event

” …I just didn’t want it to be ghetto”. That was the beginning of our first conversation. From that point on, I knew we were going to have a good time.
Veronica wanted to throw her daughter a very special Sweet16. She said my daughter Autasia, is a smart, beautiful and very well behaved young lady and she deserves to have a fabulous party. Well they came to the right place. Me, Veronica and the deserving young lady Autasia sat down to put together a fun and fabulous and affair that is NOT ghetto and one that will make guests brave the winter elements to attend. And so Autasia’s Casino Royale was born. Take a look at some of the festivities:

We would like to take a moment to acknowledge the following vendors for being an important member of #TeamCasinoRoyale:

Event Planner: JunePlumm Events
Music: DJ Kaos
Cakes/Cupcakes: Kakes NYC & Baked by Melissa
Window Decal: Ten23 Designs
Invitations: William Ellis
Huge THANKS for all of your assistance in putting a smile on Veronica & Autasia’s face. We look forward to partnering with you on future events.
Check out our JunePlumm Events page on Facebook for more pics from this party!