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Planning: What We are Pinning

Are you Pinning? I am…Take a look at some of JunePlumm Event’s favorite pins for the week:

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What are you pinning?

Planning: If the Sock Fits!

Your bridesmaids have been really good to you throughout your engagement. They have been supportive, they didn’t complain about wearing the same lime green taffeta dress with flower applique in every color in the rainbow (with a rainbow pin in their hair). They showed up on time to every rehearsal for your “Beat It” specialty dance routine. No one had a problem spending 200+ on matching shoes. Everyone shoes up to your 2 bridesmaids meeting per month. They dried your tears when you cried because the florist put pink roses instead of blush roses in the floral mock-up. Face it, they have been saints! And now you want to thank them but your not sure how.

Here are some ideas:

  • Jewelry: Do I even need to elaborate on why.
  • PJ’s: Cute ones of course,  with bridal party socks (it ups the cute factor)
  • Spa Gift Certificate: After 8+ months of being your personal b*t… ah mean “helper” don’t you think they deserve it
  • A Gift Certificate: To their favorite restaurant (even if that favorite restaurant is Red Lobster…where applicable)
  • A Clutch Purse: To hold their lipstick, cell phone and blot powder for the wedding day. Nothing big, just something small, cute and that can be used for multiple occasions.
  • A Kindle: such a great gift. And with some many colors, you might be able to find one with a coordinating color to your wedding.
  • Personalize MP3 Player. Personalize it with her name, “Best Bridesmaid” or the wedding date. Get creative with it
  • Personalized Stationary: And then write a personal “Thank YOU” note on the first sheet.
  • Her favorite “__________” (fill in the blank): I’m assuming, because you put her in your bridal party you know her. You know her likes, loves, and dislikes. So get her her favorite wine: if she’s a wine drinker, Magazine subscription: if she’s an avid reader of a particular mag and just hasn’t gotten around to subscribing yet,  Chocolates: if she has an insatiable sweet tooth. The point is pick something you know she will appreciate and appeals to her as an individual AND something that is different for each member of the bridal party. It will make her feel special that you really put some thought into it.

If you get your girls a few small items, put them together in a personalized or a Bridesmaids tote. Presentation is just as important as the gift itself.

*NOTE: Don’t go overboard on the gifts if t is a financial hardship. a GREAT gift doesn’t have to be expensive. Make a budget and stick to it. if they are your REAL friends they will appreciate the gesture and be eternally grateful for it!


Pretty Little Things: Heel Condoms

I find some of my best information and products while perusing FB and today is no different. Look at this cute item I found which would make an AWESOME gift for your bridesmaids. Heel Condoms! Yeah… I had the same reachtion when I saw it. Think of it as a bra with removable straps that you can make strapless, criss cross, one strap or several other ways. EXCEPT it’s for your shoe.  Take a look at this youtube video I found on facebook (necolebitchie) and see how it works:

The site, has many other types of shoe adornments to choose from. Here are some of my faves:

I love the concept that you can make your existing favorite shoe new again by slipping on of these heel condoms. I don’t know about you, but I totally see these in my future!

Pretty Little Things: Hand Painted Wine Glasses

No surprise that I love…LOVE Etsy, since I talk about it almost every other post but I really really really do. Okay..moving on now. I just had to share these Pretty Little Things that I found while doing one of my marathon perusings on the site.

I think these glasses would be so cute as a place setting for a bridesmaids luncheon, bridal shower or any fun festive occasion surrounding you and your bridal party. And best of all they can be customized to match your gown and bridesmaids dresses as well as the date and names.
How cute!

Planning: Princess for a Day

Lord & Taylor is now accepting pre-orders for their own Royal Gowns by A.B.S by Allen Schwartz. These affordably priced Royal gowns will be available starting July (a.k.a soon) and only limited quantities available. This means for a day you too can be dressed in your own Duchess of Cambridge or MOH Pippa inspired gown.
prices range from $390 – $1,100
Check Lord & Taylor for additional details

Pretty Little Things: J.Crew to View

Were you aware the J.Crew carries bridal? well they do and a very fabulous, versatile and affordable line also. And now, they are opening it’s doors for you to view, by appointment, a selection of their collection. take a look at some of my faves below:

Now these are some bridesmaids dresses that you CAN wear again:

Silk taffeta bow monde dress

Silk chiffon Juliet dress

Silk pleated galette dress

Cotton cady Erica dress

Bridal Gowns

Tiered Analisa gown

Silk taffeta Sascha gown

Genevieve silk radzimir gown
(I can understand why this gown is very hard to come by)

See anything you like?

Pretty Little Things: Clutch this!

You can never have too many bags. Let me repeat, you can NEVER have too many bags. Especially a sexy sleek clutch. I know you must be thinking that you can’t hold anything in a clutch…I agree. However, not every occasion lends itself to you and your over stuffed tote bag. The right clutch in any color can be a nice finishing touch to many looks.

What do you think about these, can you strut your stuff to your rehearsal dinner or engagement party with any of these bags?

Satin Derby Clutch

Jewled Bow Clutch

I would be all over ALL of these bags.

Pretty Little Things: Fridays For the Fellas: Put A Clip On It

Let’s face it, you have spent and will continue to spend thousands of dollars on your wedding and now you are trying to narrow down your bridal party gifts. You are extremly cost conscious but you don’t want to seem cheap either. While the options for your bridesmaids are in abundance, it is usually the groomsmen gift that you feel stumped on. My favorite go-to-option for a groomsman gift is a money clip. No surprise there huh. I know it might seem so common but they come in so many differnt varieties that it just works. Check out these options for money clips:

A Perfect Wallet:

Things Remembered:

Hey why re-invent the wheel if it works find just the way it is:)