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Parties: The Bride Said ‘NO’

How hilarious (okay well maybe not so hilarious) is it that a nervous groom worked up the nerves to propose to his girlfriend that he wants to spend the REST of his life with and she, in all her excitement says:


No, i’m not kidding. My bride said NO. hahahahahaha. I can laugh now because I know they exchanged vows but when I heard the story I clutched my pearls. It seems she was so excited and nervous and excited… and did I say EXCITED she barely heard a word he said and instead of shouting YES ( which I assumed she meant) she said NO. Luckily the groom finally got his yes (I think) and they were married on May 4, 2017 in a Harlem Renaissance themed affair. I will share lots more on this story later but for now I leave you with one of my favorite pictures from this beautiful wedding:

And please, allow me to thank the wonderful partners that made it possible to pull of this amazing wedding:

Teamwork makes the Dream Work

Planning: Love Your Wedding Like Yuh Playing Mas

There is no shame in my game, I LOVE Weddings and I LOVE Carnival (not the circus…picture Rio De Janeiro). Therefore one of my favorite things to do as a Wedding Planner is to merge my two loves together. If you have every experienced a Carnival in [Insert any Caribbean Island HERE] then you know it’s a feeling like no other. The euphoria, the joy, the “nothing else can top this feeling”, the “cast your troubles away feeling”, the “everyone is so happy and awesome” feeling, then you know why I want my clients to LOVE their wedding like they are playing mas (as in masquerading). Wouldn’t you like to experience your wedding and feel like “nothing else can top this”…I would and my client should as well. So while some clients will express to me that carnival is their favorite time of the year I try to show them well let’s bring the essence of carnival into your big day.

So if this Tribe Azalea carnival costume was the my clients inspiration, their wedding would look like:

Inspiration for your wedding can and should come from ANYWHERE. So why not use what you love especially if it is what joins you and your love together and celebrate.  Embrace the culture, embrace the color, enjoy the music, feel the vibes, relive the excitement that carnival, or whatever it is brings you and Love your wedding like yuh playing mas!
Photo: courtesy of Etsy

Planning: 6 Reasons You May Not Be A DIY Bride

I envy those people that get excited at the thought of picking up a tool or thingy or thingamajig or whodat or whatdowehavehere in the attempt to recreate an item that they have seen on Pinterest but refuse to buy because they can do it better. KU-DOS!!! I am NOT-THE-ONE. THERE…I said it…whew, what a load off ! There is a time and place for everything and while I commend those that have the patience and energy for it…JunePlumm Events does not for a number of reasons:

1) I just don’t want to

2) DIY isn’t always the easiest route. If you are like me, no patience for the perfectionism that it takes to create or recreate that totally awesome Pinterest thingy that you MUST have. Then it will drive you insane if it doesn’t come out EXACTLY as you have seen online. CAUTION…BEWARE…DO NOT PASS GO!

3) DIY isn’t always the cheapest option. Items purchased in bulk are typically more affordable than those purchased one here and one there. So unless this is something the is being created or recreated on a consistent basis the cost per product will be more. Not to mention if you do not have a wholesale ID affording you the option to get these items at a cost savings then…$$$$$$$

4) DIY takes patience and time. Nobody one talk to me… no one even think about breathing as I attempt to stripe this vase. Yeah… doesn’t sound fun to me either. I just grew another grey hair remembering that time that I tried to… you know what, I wont go there. Let’s move on

5) I just don’t want to

6) See #’s 1 and 5

AGAIN: Let me be clear, I APPLAUD those that are DIY’ers but it is completely okay if you are not the one. So brides, understand that while planners may have a love for most things wedding, it does not mean that everyone of us want to recreate it ourselves. There are vendors out there that have built up the skill (and patience) to handle these items in bulk and for a fraction of the cost that it would cost your planner to do it themselves. So yeah… it’s not a fun project for everyone.
DISCLAIMER: While I am not into DIY I will spray paint the heck out of anything. Oh yeah, and I’m mean with it too.
Photo: Courtesy of Pinterest

Parties: Munatour NYC

On Friday December 20, 2013 I had the pleasure of attending the Munaluchi City to City tour – NYC. It was an opportunity for Coterie Members (their esteemed vendors list including yours truly) to meet, mix and mingle with each other as well as prospective couples. I had a GREAT time! See for yourself:

Florals by Makini Regal Designs

*Florals by Makini Regal Designs*

*LBV Designs*

*Florals by Makini Regal Designs*

*Sweet Bitch Wines*

*Cake by BCake NY / Stand by LBV Designs*

*That’s me dressed like a cute Santa’s helper*

I can’t wait for the next Munaluchi Event.

Pretty Little Things: What I’m Pinning

Are you on Pinterest? We are…SEE. And look at cool now finds we’ve pinned:

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What are YOU Pinning?

Planning: If the Pants Fit Wear’em

Can we talk here…

Once upon a time brides used to look the same…Stuffed and Fluffed. But as we continue to evolve designers take more and more risks. Now some of these risks should have been buried in the designing room trash can but overall I applaud the style, variations and new trends we are seeing.

One of my FAVORITE new trends are PANTS!!!!!! Yes…O-M-G pants…bridal pants. I’m a girly girl and love my dresses and would never miss the opportunity to walk down the aisle in a beautiful gown, but I know soooo many women that eat, sleep and breath pants. Ask them to put on a dress and it’s like you stole their man and ran off to Taiwan with him.  NOW those women have so many options: sheer, jacketed, dramatic, casual but all maintaining femininity. Just LOOK at some of the options:

* I am ALL over this! LOVE
Would you wear pants to your wedding?

Planning: Who Will Make The Cut?

Some of you may be excited with the idea of going dress shopping because I have show you a FAB dress that you must have. But do you know what to ask for when you actually hit the store or will you just say “hi, I want the dress that JunePlumm Events posted”? Yes a that may work (if you have a pic) but chances are the salesperson will want you to try on other dresses as well and therefore ask you what kind of dresses do you like? *insert confused face HERE*. So let me prep you a bit with a bit of dress cut/styles that you may identify with:

Sheath: Slinky, sexy, leaves NOTHING to the imagination. These types of dresses are made for the woman with a body that is slim trim and is ready to show it off. Usually made of a lighter fabric, a sheath dress is light airy and can be worn from the “I-do” to the “good-night”. keep in mind if you have ripples and rolls, and bulges and lumps this dress will show it. Don’t say I didn’t warn you.

Ball Gowns: Look out here she comes: We all know it when we see it because this gown is large and in charge! It is usually fitted to the waisted and then flares out from there.This gown is not for the meek or mild at all. This style gown can give you the look of a small waist (since everything below billows out) however it can give you an appearance of bigger hips too so choose wisely with this one.

Mermaid/Trumpet/Fit n Flare: These gown styles are often mis-quoted and it is confusing (sometimes) to figure out which is which (I mix them up all the time). The easiest way to differentiate the styles is the remind yourself of where the gown starts to flare. Meaning:

  • If it’s fitted to the knee and then begins to flare, then chances are it’s a Mermaid. If there is an extra panel in the back…it’s probably a Fishtail
  • If it’s fitted to the hips and then gradually begins to flare, it’s probably a Fit’n’Flare.
  • If it’s fitted to the thighs and then gradually begins to flare ( between the hips and the knees), it’s probably a Trumpet.
  • I use the term “probably” because designers/retailers may interchange the terminology.
A-Line: The all rounder…everyone’s homegirl because she is very figure flattering for mostly anyone. A great safe bet. This gown is fitted by the bust and bodice and gradually begins to flare to resemble an A (or a triangle). EXTRA great for those of us with a little tummy we want to camouflage. 

Does this help? Oh and also keep in mind…

  • Junk in your trunk…Ruching is your friend
  • Got melons…try a  a Basque Waist
  • Itty-bitty-titty-committee…Empire Waist is a best kept secret
  • Belly bulge…Corsets are your friend
Whatever you pick OWN IT! You will NOT please everyone. Someone will NOT like your gown. But if you like it,  I love it so make me believe it! Head high and feel every bit of fabulous that you are.

Planning Here Come the Gowns Pt.9

Last but NOT least…


St. Pucci



So…have you found your gown or are you even more confused then when I started this series of gown parades? 
Don’t let me overwhelm you ( too much). Even if you think you kinda maybe sorta know what gown you may want, try it on FIRST…and if that doesn’t work out, try on different gowns in different cuts/styles (more on this later) and see what fits you best. Then start your journey to the perfect gown from there. Just make sure you give yourself at least 8 months lead time to your wedding. You know you can’t rush perfection.
Happy Marrying!