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Planning: A Block of Color

If you are that trendy bride that likes to make a statement then this may be for you.

The hottest trend right now is neon colors/color blocking. For the 80’s babies this is just a blast from the past so you may be thinking this isn’t new at all. And you’re right it isn’t new, however it’s foray into the wedding industry isn’t common at all so let’s run with it shall we. This colorful statement has always been a love of mine (I love the bright extra pop of color) so I would encourage that if you are THIS bride then ROCK out to it!

Consider showcasing your trendiness into your wedding by keeping it simple-ish. Here me out. You don’t have to have EVERY aspect of your wedding in neon colors. As a matter of fact..please DO NOT make every aspect of your wedding neon. That is a headache for you and your guests waiting to happen. Instead, infuse a few items with this colorful trend: For instance

NEON: cake, shoes, bridesmaids dress, linens, flowers, wedding gown sash and gloves, stationary = *bbm angry face*

NEON: shoes, bridesmaids dress, brides bouquet, stationary, favors = *bbm smiley face*

A little bit goes a looooooooong way and makes a bigger statement! Besides, you want to love your wedding today tomorrow and for years to come. Not look back on it and say what the hell was I thinking!

SO, are you THIS bride?

Pretty Little Things: Blooming Beauties

It’s spring time in New York, and aside from the weather being completely bipolar it is a great time for some pretty blooms. And because of this bipolar weather ( I’m not complaining) we are starting to see some of our favorite blooms peak earlier than usual. What I am mainly referring to are Cherry Blossoms. Typically we see the heights of these flowery beauties in mid April -May. BUT here we are in March and they are popping up all over the place and completely blanketing homeowners lawns.

Because of the color and fullness they are a favorite of mine for springtime weddings. Here’s why

I love that in a centerpiece it gives you a feel of having an outdoor wedding indoors. And let’s not stop there, cherry blossoms are great for your stationary, cakes as well as favors. So feel free to spread the spring time love throughout your wedding.

Pretty Little Things: Blooms – A Breath of Fresh Flowers

No longer just the “old style” filler flower, Baby’s Breath used on its own can create a fresh looking statement in your event decor. Take a look at some fabulous ways in which you can make Baby’s Breath wow’em in your centerpiece, bouquets and even cake adornments:

Courtesy of Weddingbee

Courtesy of The Knot

Courtesy of Pacific Weddings

Courtesy of Cake That

Photo Credits

Have you ever considered or used Baby’s Breath in your floral decor?

Planning: The “Other” Flower

Don’t pass on carnations just yet. The fact that they are inexpensive should be a good enough reason for you to give it second look…okay maybe a third look. My point is, it doesn’t have to just be the “cheap” flower. When arranged correctly they can be a welcomed addition to your event. Take a look at these inspirations below:

Courtesy of Martha’s Stewart

Courtesy of PD Bloom

Courtesy of Martha’s Stewart

Courtesy of Country Living

Courtesy of The Knot

Courtesy of Biz Bash

Courtesy of Fifty Flowers

Now that you have taken another look at Carnations, would you use it in your event?

Pretty Little Things: Blooms – Cherry Blossoms

According to Chinese beliefs, the Cherry Blossoms symbolizes feminine beauty or principal. How accurate as the Cherry Blossom IS a beautiful (yet challenging in it’s natural state) flower. These blossoms can frame words on an invitation as well as be the center of attention for your guest tables. I have always loved to see Cherry Blossoms in any state, tamed via piping on a tiered wedding cake or wild an in it’s natural habitat. Take a look and re-familiarize yourself with the wondrous spring Cherry Blossoms and how it can work it’s way into your special event:




Invite 1: Bella Figura; Invite 2: Wedding Paper Divas ; Invite 3: Elum Designs
Cake 1: Unknown; Cake 2: Unknown ; Cake 3: Unknown
Accent/Favor 1: Super Weddings ; Accent/Favor: My Gracious Goodness
Centuries: Unknown

Pretty Little Things: Blooms – A Different Kind of Flower

A few weeks ago I began a series of posts called Blooms. Highlighting flowers of the season (and off season) and showing visual aid of how you can incoporate that flower into your wedding. Well today we are going to flip the script a bit. I found the cutest item on Etsy that I am dying to share and which still keep in line with the Blooms series.

Todays feature is all about clay flowers at Etsy…yeah I said Clay. Not clay as in ceramics class when you sculpted your first coffe mug with mangled handles. I am talking absolutely stunning floral bouquets/arrangements made petal by petal using Claycraft by Deco This is a very light airdry clay wich results in a very authentic looking product. Truly amazing. Okay enough yapping from me, feasts your eyes on these pretty little things:

Fenton Florals

(Rose, Orchid, Calla Lily)

(Rose and Pearl centered Stephanotis)

(Giant Poppy Wedding Cake Flower)

Petals and Paws

(Peach/Coral Rose and Stephanotis)

(Stephanotis/Peridot Crystal Purple Ribbon Bouquet)

(Light Pink Rose and Stephanotis)

Midori Designs Hawaii

(Clematis Roses Hydrangeas Stephanotis)

(Purple Orchid, Rose, Hydrangea)

(Peonies, Gardenia, Tuberose, Hydrangeas)
(Pink Orchid Tea Rose Hand Tied Bridal Bouquet)

Petal By Petal

(Green Chrysanthemum, Yellow Roses and Cream Gardenia)

(Ivory and Lavender Roses, Violet Fressia, Periwinkle Hydrangea )

(Roses, mixed with Freesia and Pansies )

Pretty Little Things: Blooms – Dogwood Delights

This weeks bloom is the delightful dogwood, also referred to as cornel which blooms early spring. The dogwood has large pink or white flowers that are really petal-like bracts that surround a dense yellowish flower head. Aside from being the state flower for North Carolina and Virginia, at makes for FABULOUS cake decor. Take a look at how dogwood can make its way into the tastiest part of your wedding.

Pretty Little Things: Blooms – Amaranthus

This never fading flower ( Greek translation) also referred to as ” The Summer Pointsetta” or “Amaranth” may not have stuck you as ” the pretty flower” but you can always recognize it in an arrangement. It is usually cascading around the floral centerpiece or bouquet and range in hues from purple to gold and my favorite… greens.

For me, the Amaranthus as one of my top choices for “filler foliage”. By simply adding a few Amaranth you can instantly take your arrangement up a few notches on the floral pole. For instance, take a bouquet of black magic red roses. You would consider that to be beautiful right? Now add some hanging Amaranthus and your beautiful bouquet is now exotic…just like that.

Below are photo inspirations featuring this weeks bloom- Amaranthus




Other Arrangements:

Pretty Little Things: Blooms – Anemones

One of the heaviest expenses you can incur while planning your wedding is on flowers. From the bouquet to ceremony decor, boutonnieres to your centerpieces, the cost can be astronomical. BUUUUUUUT, there are ways to save on the cost that I am sure you have heard plenty times before. You stick to flowers that are in bloom locally when you are getting married. Your florist will be able to give you extensive details on which flowers fall into that category, so DON’T forget to ask.

Now that we are officially in spring, well for a few weeks now, I am starting a new series of discussions called Blooms. Throughout this series of posts, we will focus on a flower that is in bloom in current season (as well as other notable florals worthy of attention) and provide visual stimulation on how you can incorporate them in your wedding.

First stop on this BLOOMING tour: ANEMONES ( “forsaken” or “dying hope”)

The name comes from Greek word for wind dubbing it the “windflower”. Greek Mythology states that this particular flower sprang from the blood of Adonis, Aphrodite’s slain lover. Creepy huh? All that dark mythology aside, Anemones can have a very intricate place in your wedding decor. Below are some ideas of this “windflower” you may consider for your wedding day: