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Parties: Team Beary – It’ll NEVER Last!

50 years ago a couple was joined together in holy Matrimony. The Bride was beautiful, the Groom was dashing and the Mother of the Bride was not amused. In fact, the bride’s mother was so not amused, she sent home the photographer mid-reception because in her words “..this marriage will not last”. Well…50 years later, look at them now:

When I first sat with Reary & Bob and asked what they wanted for their anniversary party they both said, “we want to drink and dance”. So drink and dance they did. This was a very special event for us to plan as it was very clear, Reary and Bob loved each other, their friends and their family and that love ooozed from every person and every inch of that room. I found myself just standing and staring at the happy couple wishing everyone could be as happy at 50 years as they were. It just gave my team and I so much to look forward to. 
Reary and Bob’s 50th Anniversary party was JunePlumm Events last event for the year and I would say we really ended the year off on a very high note, all thanks to Reary and Bob. So to our amazing couple whom we affectionately refer to as “Team Beary”,  we want to say THANKS A MILLION for allowing JunePlumm Events to be a part of this very momentous occasion. We will see you at the next 50 year celebration:)
In addition, a BIG Thanks to the following vendors that helped to make Reary and Bob’s night of drinking and dancing a HUGE success:
Your assistance with the nights event was exemplary!
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