Planning: It’s a Destination Mon!

Recently, one of my girlfriends said “St. Lucia is the #1 country for Destination Weddings”. STOP THE PRESS…WHAAAAT!!!!! (remember she’s a Lucian talking to a Jamaican so of course I disagree…biased yes I know). I asked her where she saw that little tidbit. She told me everywhere.  I visited St. Lucia for the first time this year and LOVED IT! So much so I tried to “convince” a 2014 destination couple to get married there, but I lost that battle. But #1 island for destination weddings? Hmmmmm, this I have to investigate.

So I spent a few hours on Sunday…like a lot of few hours…perusing the Internet looking for this magical “everyone” person that my friend was talking about. And what I found did not shock me one bit. Every site I checked, every expert that spoke, every frequent traveler that had something to say had a different answer.  Which leaves me to believe, the #1 country for a Destination weddings is…(drum roll please)

Wherever You Damn Well Choose To Get Married!!!! 

What works for you will NOT work for everyone else. What appeals to him, may NEVER appeal to her. So worry less about the #1, #2 or #3 choice and choose what best suits your needs. I am not saying don’t entertain the “experts”. But take from it what you will. Make your decisions based on what you and your fiancée want most out of the occasion and location.

BUT! just in case you wanted my “EXPERT” advice… go ahead I dare you to roll your eyes at expert, here are some of my faves:

I am a frequent traveler to Trinidad (every year for the past 7 years for Carnival) but 2013 was the first time visiting Trinidad’s sister island, Tobago. I FELL IN LOVE… ahhhhhhhh. The beauty of the island, the warmth of the people and the SEA.  Perfect place for a beach front wedding.

Check out Magdalena Grande and Coco Reef. Yeah…pretty right!

(Magdalena Grande)

This small but beautiful island captured my heart 4 years ago and it hasn’t let go since. Small in size but LARGE in beauty. The sea here is STELLAR STELLAR STELLAR! In comparison to some of the islands I’ve visited I find Barbados to be more modern than most without losing it’s island vibes and cultural appeal. I just love this place.

Check out the Crane Hotel if you want to explore more. Trust me you will love it. – and ask Tony to double spike your freshly picked jelly coconut.

(The Crane)

I have never been to Anguilla (YET) but recently while researching destinations I fell in love with the possibilities of potentially getting lost on this island. Something about this island appeals to me.

Take a look at The Viceroy which has quickly been added to my bucket list.

(The Viceroy)

*notice which island I haven’t mentioned…YET…we are getting there though. just one second*

St. Lucia:
As I mentioned before I visited for the first time this year and was extremely pleased. I love a hilly island with beautiful scenery and lush land. And St. Lucia fits the bill.  A beautiful island get-away. This location will be specifically exciting for your guests as there are sooooo many things to do in St. Lucia. So if you choose this option make sure your guests stay for an extra couple of days ( or 3).

Check out Sandals Grande and Jade Mountains yeah…thank me later:)

(Jade Mountain)

Jamaica (oh island in the sun):
My home, my land, the country of my birth. I LOVE MY COUNTRY and you will too. The Land, The Sea, The Air. The People, The Places & The Things. Also another great destination for you to turn your wedding DAY into a wedding weekend extravaganza. The lush landscape and the calming sea make this a toss up for me. Is it it best for an ocean side wedding, or something secluded up in the hills. Either choice is the right choice. You can’t go wrong. Fill up on fruits and seafood, eat jerk EVERYTHING, and enjoy the sweet sounds of reggae music. Have I rambled enough?

Because I am so close to this island I have so many choices for venue options but to throw just a few out at you try The Rockhouse Hotel Strawberry Hill , Trident Port Antonio, and Geejam Hotel. Thank me later (with some juneplums)

(Geejam Hotel)

Some great options for you to start your search so renew your passport, pack your sun screen and put the phone on silent. There is FUN waiting for you.

Pretty Little Things: What I’m Pinning

Are you on Pinterest? We are…SEE. And look at cool now finds we’ve pinned:

Pinned to JunePlumm Events “Gowns” Board
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What are YOU Pinning?

Planning: If the Pants Fit Wear’em

Can we talk here…

Once upon a time brides used to look the same…Stuffed and Fluffed. But as we continue to evolve designers take more and more risks. Now some of these risks should have been buried in the designing room trash can but overall I applaud the style, variations and new trends we are seeing.

One of my FAVORITE new trends are PANTS!!!!!! Yes…O-M-G pants…bridal pants. I’m a girly girl and love my dresses and would never miss the opportunity to walk down the aisle in a beautiful gown, but I know soooo many women that eat, sleep and breath pants. Ask them to put on a dress and it’s like you stole their man and ran off to Taiwan with him.  NOW those women have so many options: sheer, jacketed, dramatic, casual but all maintaining femininity. Just LOOK at some of the options:

* I am ALL over this! LOVE
Would you wear pants to your wedding?

Planning: It aint no fun, if the homey can’t stress some.

At a wedding not so long ago, a friend acted as first assistant to the JunePlumm Events team. Though she is no stranger to weddings, she has never been on the “other side”. For a first timer, she was pretty darn amazing. She assisted the JPE team and the bride on her very special day and I thank her immensely. After I thanked her for the millionth time she responded by saying “WOW…I NEVER knew it was like this. I mean it always looks so pretty and easy but I never realized all of this happened behind the scenes”. I simply said YUP!

Events are no easy task. It takes a lot of hours, time, patience and stamina to get the job done. But some people think it is as easy as uno, dos, tres’. Which brings me to today’s post…Today I am going to give you a peak into Pandora’s box. Just so you are a little more aware of what it’s really like to be a Planner.

DISCLAIMER: The following is not only from my perspective, most of these apply to some of my planning buddies who have shared their stories. So former and present clients please don’t give me the side-eye and plot my slow painful “accidental” death. I puffy heart you all:).
Now for the good stuff:
  • Planners never always stress about an event. We too want it to go perfect for you. We want everyone to show up on time, all the centerpieces to look just as planned and everyone to be happy happy happy. But you know what they say, “it ain’t no fun if the homey can’t stress some“- wha, you haven’t heard that before – where have YOU been.
  • Planners and clients always see eye-to-eye sometimes disagree. Let’s face it, we are planners not psychics. We make suggestions and recommendations based on what we think is best for the client’s vision of their event. It doesn’t mean they will love everything and that’s okay. But if they hate everything…Houston, we have a problem.
  • After an event, planners and clients always sometimes stay friends. Lets face it some clients are crazy and we can’t wait to get rid of them. Yes it may sound harsh but bridezilla’s (or as a colleague puts it..exorcilla…aka exorcist + bridezilla = exorcilla) is not only a show, it’s real life. THANK GOD I have personally not had to deal with any but some of my friends can tell you stories that will make your head spin and then quit the business. The great part is, for every one bridezilla there are 100’s of amazing clients that you would love to remain social with. But sometimes, someone will make you want to help them pack and hold the door open so you can slam it really hard when they walk through it. 
  • Event Planning is fun and glamorous hard work and not as glamorous as it appears on TV. It can take 190+ hours to plan ONE event. The day of the event you suddenly become a mighty morphing power ranger and have to morph yourself into multiple personalities and be in more than one place at a time. All while looking like you have EVERYTHING under control and your heart is not racing a110 mph.
  • Event Planners have all received extensive training in the fine art of magic are not magicians. Yes we can poof-be-gone most event day mishaps, blunders and snafus. However, we simply cannot do anything about a hurricane on your wedding day, your groomsmen that show up drunk, or your orange bridal portraits from your aunts uncle’s sister’s boyfriend from round’da’way whom you hired to shoot your wedding because he has a “good camera”. We can’t do diddly squat about that.
  • Event Planners work 5 days a week between the hours of 9-5  9-5, 8-11, 7 -12 Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday & Sunday. No I’m not saying 7 days a week 24 hours a day. But our hours vary depending on the event and the client/planner relationship. And since most special events happen on the weekend…you can kiss some of those good-bye. Oh and while your at it, some clients feel that 2am is an appropriate time to ask their planner to clarify the difference between cream, eggshell and off white…oh and to be chipper and AWAKE while doing it. Sleep…puh-lease, who needs that.
  • Everyone LOVES an event planner. Some people can’t stand us. Brides, grooms, dj’s, catering hall managers, musicians, florists…other planners, need I go on? Don’t let me get too overly dramatic-too late huh. What I mean is we have some high bridges to cross. Some feel we are not worth the money, some feel we are not needed, some feel we are a road block to a signed contract because we always want to negotiate, some feel we don’t know what the heck we are doing and some feel we are all crooks and will run away with your money. Sigh… it’s all true, some of us are all of that and then some. But that is only SOME. Because of the few bad apples, some planners have to deal with allot of scrutiny before the respect starts to roll in. It comes with the territory.  
Still think it’s all peonies and bling? Well it isn’t BUT…it is all worth it (to me at least). The look on a clients face when they walk into the room and see that everything looks amazing. The sigh of relief you hear when your client realizes that they just had the BEST DAY EVER and had absolutely NOTHING to do with it. The smiles, thank you’s and OMG you are so amazing, you receive from friends, family, clients and on lookers. The feeling of gratitude that you were welcomed into the hearts and lives of a complete stranger who trusted you with such an important day and everything turned out A-O-K.

So no, it’s not all peonies and bling..but for most of us it is TOTALLY worth it!

Parties: Featured! Love on the Mainline

We are  happy to report that our “Love On the Mainline” wedding of Valerie and Tadj was featured today on one of our faves sites; Munaluchi Bride. Take a look and see how they met fell in love and their entire bridal process. 

Take a look and see HERE
And if you missed our original post on this Fun loving couple, you can find them HERE and HERE.

Parties: Bakst Memorial – Celebration of Life

I had the absolute pleasure to assist Carmen on a very important day albeit a sad one. Her husband, author Harold Bakst, passed away in February and Carmen was looking for Day of Assistant for a very special memorial in his honor. This was my first memorial and even though one would look at it as a sad occasion, the “party girl” in me looked at it as a celebration of life. 
I was in awe, just sitting back and hearing all of the family, friends and loved ones talk about Harold and how he has made such a huge impact on them and their lives. I have never met him but I can truly say being a part of this celebration has impacted my life.and a positive way. Complete with singers, musicians, poets, speeches, dedications and even a dove release; we started the celebration at Greenpoint Memorial Park and concluded at Il Fornetto Restaurant. But enough chatting, see for yourselves how we celebrated the life of Harold Bakst.

To help bring this celebration together, we partnered with:

Parties: Team JoKita…Chevron Baby

This was a first for me. I was hired by a friend Penelope “Rum” to design a babyshower for first time expectant mommy and daddy; Joesph and Nikita aka Team JoKita. I had my reservations at first but I LOVED Rum and she spoke so highly of our first encounter ( when I planned a babyshower for one of her besties). So I said why not…let’s give this a shot.

My first meeting with Nikita was nerve wracking (for the both of us). She was worried I would give her pin ons, wicker chairs and ceramic favors. I was worried that she wanted pin ons, wicker chairs and ceramic favors. Well it turns out, we both HATED all of the above and wanted no part of it.  They wanted a chevron, yellow and grey with touches of blue, light & airy,  baby shower to welcome their little boy, soon to join them in happy family-dom. Take a look at what JunePlumm Events delivered:

I may say this allot but this has been one of my favorite showers. I just LOVE Chevron and loved to work with it for Team JoKita.

As with any event it takes a village to bring all the elements together. Team JoKita’s Village consisted of:

Planning/Design: JunePlumm Events
Photography: JIF Photography
Stationary: Talia Felicia Events + Design
Linens: Elezye’s Elegant Cover up’s (chevron)  & All Affairs Rental (solids)
Cakes: Akila’s Kustom Kreations
Venue: Hope City Empowerment Center

You guys are AWESOME!

Parties: Team MoKa…Mocktails n Munchies

Tamika & Maurice are expecting their second bambino and instead of duplicating the first HUGE shower, we “flipped the script” and planned an intimate event for just her and her girls….well kinda the DJ and photographer got a testosterone pass. but that was it! We had…

…some of her faves. The color black, balloons, and stripes

…A mash potato bar… YUMM!!!

…munchies… mini helpings of everything

…a shot of Brandy to turn your Mocktail into a Cocktail

…pops of hot pink for the baby girl on the way

…O.M.G… Red Velvet mini cakes for each and EVERY Guest. 
Just plain ole’yummikins

…good wishes for when she ties the knot
…siggy drinks.

…a Brandy rose

After being a part of very big baby showers this was a nice refreshing change from the norm. Everyone had fun and we all wished the expectant mom and soon to be wife all the blessings life has to offer.

PS: I can’t wait to meet the baby. If she looks anything like her big sister she will be a little heartbreaker:)

With the help of these fantastic vendors- Mocktails ‘n’ Munchies was a success

Planning/Design: JunePlumm Events (the BFF)
Photographer: JIF Photography
Stationary: Talia Felicia Events + Designs
DJ: Drill Entertainment
Linens & Rentals: All Affairs Rental
Cakes: Akila’s Kustom Kreations
Venue: Private Home

Parties: Team Tadjerie…Love on The Mainline

This was no ordinary Saturday in July. This particular Saturday… July 28, 2012 (yes I’m a bit late) was the day that Tadj Cazaubon & Valerie Delgado was set to exchange vows in a garden ceremony followed by a cocktail hour and semi-formal reception. Well, mother nature had other plans so we had to move our outdoor wedding indoors. But that did NOT damper any of the days activities. There were tears, smiles, jitters, laughs, LOVE, wardrobe malfunctions, dancing and a never ending parade of a whole lot of fun.

Val andTadj, (Team Tadjerie), spent a little over a year working very closely with me to design the perfect wedding for them. He from St. Lucia , her from Trinidad, both wanting to make sure the wedding was a true reflection of him – cool as ice, her – hot like fire, him – old school reggae, her – fast paced soca and dancehall. Together we developed a fun event that showcased their love for each other and their desire to have a darn good time!

Take a look at how far they have come since “Love on the Mainline“:

That floor decal was a hit. THANKS Ten23 Designs
Nicole from Creative Creations Unltd made these average shoes OUTSTANDING

(The dance floor stayed full from the moment the DJ said “let’s get this party started. Oh and that’s the JunePlumm crew in the front getting the dancefloor warmed up)

Rockstar Crew on Team Tadjerie’s Wedding:
Event Planner: JunePlumm Events 
– special mention to Renee, Nikki, Bev and Nicole. You guys were AWESOME!
MC: Jeff Samerson
DJ: Funky Fat Boy
Hairstylist: Nikki Essence
Stationary: Etsy: StudioG Designs
Details: Ten23 Designs (Decals)

More pictures of this wedding our JunePlumm Events Page

Planning: Who Will Make The Cut?

Some of you may be excited with the idea of going dress shopping because I have show you a FAB dress that you must have. But do you know what to ask for when you actually hit the store or will you just say “hi, I want the dress that JunePlumm Events posted”? Yes a that may work (if you have a pic) but chances are the salesperson will want you to try on other dresses as well and therefore ask you what kind of dresses do you like? *insert confused face HERE*. So let me prep you a bit with a bit of dress cut/styles that you may identify with:

Sheath: Slinky, sexy, leaves NOTHING to the imagination. These types of dresses are made for the woman with a body that is slim trim and is ready to show it off. Usually made of a lighter fabric, a sheath dress is light airy and can be worn from the “I-do” to the “good-night”. keep in mind if you have ripples and rolls, and bulges and lumps this dress will show it. Don’t say I didn’t warn you.

Ball Gowns: Look out here she comes: We all know it when we see it because this gown is large and in charge! It is usually fitted to the waisted and then flares out from there.This gown is not for the meek or mild at all. This style gown can give you the look of a small waist (since everything below billows out) however it can give you an appearance of bigger hips too so choose wisely with this one.

Mermaid/Trumpet/Fit n Flare: These gown styles are often mis-quoted and it is confusing (sometimes) to figure out which is which (I mix them up all the time). The easiest way to differentiate the styles is the remind yourself of where the gown starts to flare. Meaning:

  • If it’s fitted to the knee and then begins to flare, then chances are it’s a Mermaid. If there is an extra panel in the back…it’s probably a Fishtail
  • If it’s fitted to the hips and then gradually begins to flare, it’s probably a Fit’n’Flare.
  • If it’s fitted to the thighs and then gradually begins to flare ( between the hips and the knees), it’s probably a Trumpet.
  • I use the term “probably” because designers/retailers may interchange the terminology.
A-Line: The all rounder…everyone’s homegirl because she is very figure flattering for mostly anyone. A great safe bet. This gown is fitted by the bust and bodice and gradually begins to flare to resemble an A (or a triangle). EXTRA great for those of us with a little tummy we want to camouflage. 

Does this help? Oh and also keep in mind…

  • Junk in your trunk…Ruching is your friend
  • Got melons…try a  a Basque Waist
  • Itty-bitty-titty-committee…Empire Waist is a best kept secret
  • Belly bulge…Corsets are your friend
Whatever you pick OWN IT! You will NOT please everyone. Someone will NOT like your gown. But if you like it,  I love it so make me believe it! Head high and feel every bit of fabulous that you are.