About Camille

I am Camille! I was born on the island of Jamaica and currently live in Brooklyn, NY. I graduated with a Degree in Psychology and anticipated spending my career listening to people’s family and relationship concerns. Wedding and Event planning wasn’t even a thought but I stumbled into it because I was always the go-to- girl for details and design inquiries. Now here I am 8 years (and counting) later and I wouldn’t’ want to be anywhere else. Surrounded by prettiness, culture and clients that love to have as much fun as I do and making memories one event at a time.

My friends call me crazy and I think they are right. I love high heels, bags, reggae, soca, marshmallow peeps, juneplums, sour pickles and BLING. My rainbow is made up of fuschia, mango, butterscotch, chartreuse, cobalt, and periwinkle and I believe EVERYONE should learn to Laugh Out Loud…real loud. When I am not planning pretty parties, you can find me playing mas on a Caribbean island somewhere or eating fried fish on the beach in Jamaica, I am at home watching cartoon movies, Snapped re-runs or having a glass or 3 with my closest girlfriends while laughing out loud.

There… now that you know a bit about me, let’s get to know a bit more about you.